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Mohsen Mhadhbi, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
National Institute of Research and Physicochemical Analysis, Tunisia
Title : Modelling of the high energy planetary ball milling by discrete element method simulation


In this work, the effect of ball size and number and velocity of involving parts on the planetary ball mill power draw were simulated by using discrete element method (DEM). Simulations provide evidence of the correlation between milling parameters and the resulting microstructure of the material. Thus, the maximum efficiency of the milling process is observed with the most disordered ball motion. This information provides more plannable mechanical milling for researchers decomposing materials in planetary mills.

Audience take-away:

  • This research will help to discover the challenges and the obstacles in mechanical engineering.
  • This research will provide a practical solution in materials field to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient.
  • This research will improve the accuracy of design and provide a new information about simulation method.


Dr. Mohsen Mhadhbi is an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Research and Physicochemical Analysis, Ariana, Tunisia. He obtained an MSc in Physics and a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax, Tunisia. His research areas include nanomaterials, ceramics, composites, powder technology, and modeling. Dr. Mhadhbi has supervised several researchers and authored several research papers in national and international journals and books. He has also presented numerous papers at national and international conferences and seminars. He is a member of various associations and journal editorial boards.