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Speaker for catalysis conferences - László Kollár
László Kollár
University of Pécs, Hungary

Title: Functionalization of N-heterocycles in transition metal catalyzed reactions

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Michele Aresta
Michele Aresta
IC2R, Italy

Title: Carbon recycling for stepping towards the Circular C-Economy  

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards
Cardiff University, UK

Title: Probing heterogeneous catalysis as a new way to control microbial pathogens

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ettigounder (Samy)
Ettigounder (Samy)
MilliporeSigma, USA

Title: MilliporeSigma’s green chemistry initiatives (DOZN™ 2.0)

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hussein Znad
Hussein Znad
Curtin University, Australia

Title: Transesterification of waste canola oil by lithium/zinc composite supported on waste chicken bone as an effective catalyst

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Morten Meldal
Morten Meldal
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Organozymes: structured peptide ligands in transition metal catalysis

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Edward Lee-Ruff
Edward Lee-Ruff
York University, Canada

Title: Photochemical generation of 9-Fluorenyl radicals

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Motoi Machida
Motoi Machida
Chiba University, Japan

Title: Preparation of nitrogen-containing carbonaceous adsorbent from PAN fiber to remove nitrate ion from aqueous phase

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Giang Vo-Thanh
Giang Vo-Thanh
University Paris Saclay, France

Title: Bifunctional chiral organocatalysts: Design, synthesis and applications in asymmetric organocatalysis

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma
Bayer U.S. , USA

Title: Process and adsorbent for separating ethanol and associated oxygenates from a biofermentation system

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Yeshui Zhang
Yeshui Zhang
University College London, United Kingdom

Title: Structural change of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts study incorporate with coke characterization formed in heavy oil volatilization/decomposition

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Camila Emilia Kozonoe
Camila Emilia Kozonoe
Research Center for Gas Innovation, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Effect of CO2 and water in Methane trireforming over carbon nanotubes catalysts

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Chunhua Cui
Chunhua Cui
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Title: In situ formation of active metal sites in alkaline electrolytes for water oxidation

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Igor Antipin
Igor Antipin
Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation

Title: New highly efficient catalytic systems based on multidentate polymer particles, formed by self-assembly of calix[4]arenes

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Kartick Mondal
Kartick Mondal
Shell Technology Center, India

Title:  Influence of synthesis methodology on performance of catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane (OCM) 

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Fu-Xue Chen
Fu-Xue Chen
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Title: Asymmetric catalytic introduction of CN, SCN, and SeCN groups into small molecules by electrophilic reactions

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Krushna Prasad Shadangi
Krushna Prasad Shadangi
VSSUT, India

Title: Selective production of Jet Fuel, Gasoline and Diesel range hydrocarbons from waste motorbike engine oils via Ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis using CaO 

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
National Research Centre, Egypt

Title: Lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of racemates: a versatile method in chiral separation and its impact on drug development

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ekambaram Balaraman
Ekambaram Balaraman
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

Title: Smart systems for sustainable catalysis

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ahmet Haxhiaj
Ahmet Haxhiaj
University of Mitrovica, Republic of Kosova

Title: Benefit of management of zinc concentrates in "Trepca"

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Tamilla Naibova
Tamilla Naibova
Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Azerbaijan

Title:  Compositions on the basis of modified phenol-formaldehyde oligomers

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Yixi Wang
Yixi Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Enhancement of NOx adsorption performance during adsorption-regeneration cycles over Pt/Ba/Al2O3  catalyst

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Reza Jamshidi Rodbari
Reza Jamshidi Rodbari
R & C JAM Catalyst Co-LTD, Brazil

Title: Nano Quasicrystalline catalysts with graphene oxide in catalysis to form thin films to be used in hybrid cars

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Vandana Sakhre
Vandana Sakhre
Manipal Academy Of Higher Education, Dubai

Title: Heat integrated synthesis of PET polymer using dual reactive distillation technique

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho Jamshidi
Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho Jamshidi
R & C JAM Catalyst Co-LTD, Brazil

Title: Applicability of Quasicrystalline alloys in the formation of nanoparticulated catalyst for the production of hydrogen/ dimethy ether from the catalytic process

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dmitry Nikushchenko
Dmitry Nikushchenko
Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russian Federation

Title: Intensification of Tornado-like vortex structures in a near-wall flow over an energy-efficient surface with multi-row inclined Oval-Trench Dimples

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Timur Dogu
Timur Dogu
Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Title: Heteropolyacid incorporated and core-shell type new bifunctional catalysts for dimethyl ether synthesis from synthesis gas and carbon dioxide

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Biao Jiang
Biao Jiang
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China

Title:  Mercury-free nitrogen-doped activated carbon catalyst: Total solution to non-Hg PVC industrialization

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Elvira Nafkova
Elvira Nafkova
Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russian Federation

Title: Assessment of geoecological conditions and the depletion risk of the river Belaya catchment area

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Somchai Wongsawat
Somchai Wongsawat
Naresuan University, Thailand

Title:  Efficiency and novel nano-catalyst from sustainability Banana bagasse

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Dmitry Rudakov
Dmitry Rudakov
Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS, Russian Federation

Title: A new method of nitrogen dioxide production

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Albert Poater
Albert Poater
Universitat de Girona, Spain

Title: Complementarity between generation of H2 and hydrogenation of substrates

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dongqing Cai
Dongqing Cai
Donghua University, China

Title: Remediation of heavy metal ions contamination using nanomaterials  

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Munyaradzi Shumba
Munyaradzi Shumba
Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Title: Poly-phthalocyanines doped graphene oxide nanosheets conjugates for electrocatalytic oxidation of drug residues

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Wang Dongfang
Wang Dongfang
Donghua University, China

Title: A nanosystem for simultaneous removal of anionic and cationic heavy metals from water and soil

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Abhay Bhisikar
Abhay Bhisikar
Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, India

Title: Estimation of strain (micro and macro strain), crystallite size and dislocation density from XRD pattern

Speaker for catalysis conferences - U.G. Akpan
U.G. Akpan
Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria

Title: Reusable mesoporous TiO2-ZnO catalyst for photocatalytic degradation of doxycycline antibiotic: Effect of operating parameters

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hossein Etemadi
Hossein Etemadi
Massey University, New Zealand

Title: Controlled synthesis of monodispersed MxFe3−xO4 (M = Fe, Mg, Zn) spinel nanoferrites for visible light photocatalytic H2 production

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Kempanna S. Kanakikodi
Kempanna S. Kanakikodi
Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research, India

Title: Solid acid catalyzed carboxymethylation of bio-derived alcohols: An efficient process for the synthesis of alkyl methyl carbonates

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ali Morsali
Ali Morsali
Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Title: Metal–organic frameworks for Asymetric Catalysis Application

Speaker at Catalysis conferences - Vakhtang Barbakadze
Vakhtang Barbakadze
Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Title: Novel multifunctional acidic biopolyether: 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl derivative of  poly(2,3-Glyceric acid ether) from medicinal plants of boraginaceae family, its synthetic snalogues and their therapeutic efficacy

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ikram-ul-Haq
GC University, Pakistan

Title: Cloning, enhanced production and characterization of a hyperstable GH12 endo-1,4-β-glucanase (TnCel12B) from Thermotoga naphthophila RKU-10T 

Speaker at Catalysis conferences - Yong Xu
Yong Xu
Tongji University School of Medicine, China

Title: Nanofibrillar decellularized Wharton’s jelly matrix for segmental tracheal repair  

Speaker at Catalysis conferences- Mohd Hasmizam Razali
Mohd Hasmizam Razali
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Title: Photocatalytic efficiency of immobilized hybrid titanium dioxide nanowires/reduced graphene oxide (TiO2NWs/RGO) for degradation of methyl orange

Speaker at Catalysis conferences - Meera Chadha
Meera Chadha
Netaji Subhas University of Technology, India

Title: Effect of dust particles on blast waves produced by a nuclear explosion

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Fares Redouane
Fares Redouane
University of Ahmed Zebaneh, Algeria

Title: Solid Waste Management concern

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- M. Rasul Jan
M. Rasul Jan
University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Title: Catalytic degradation of waste polymer into fuel and feed stock

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Ali Ramazani
Ali Ramazani
University of Zanjan, Iran

Title: A novel Pd(ii)-based highly efficient/water dispersible/magnetically separable nanocatalyst for the aqueous Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reaction

Speaker at Catalysis conferences - Baljinder Kaur Riyar
Baljinder Kaur Riyar
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Title: Synthesis and MTO performance of SAPO-5 and SAPO-34 molecular sieves

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Pourya Zarshenas
Pourya Zarshenas
Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

Title: A Triazol containing Uio-type metal-organic framework as highly efficient CO2 capture and catalytic conversion

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Faryal Idrees
Faryal Idrees
The University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Title: Development of heterostructures photocatalytic application to Nb2O5/g-C3N4 heterostructures as efficient photocatalyst 

Speaker at Catalysis conferences- Pralay Das
Pralay Das
CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, India

Title: Polystyrene supported nano-composite materials as catalyst development and their applications for CO/CO2 fixation reactions using oxalic acid as C1 source

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Bassey Etta Agbo
Bassey Etta Agbo
University of Calabar, Nigeria

Title: Microbiological evaluations of the effect of palm oil mill effluent (Pome) on tropical hydric soil using sanger sequencing and metagenomic techniques

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Reza Alizadeh
Reza Alizadeh
Hazrate Masoumeh University, Iran

Title: Nano metal organic framework and nano particles a new penomena in chemical engineering and technology

Speaker at Catalysis conferences- Fadi Ibrahim Ahmed
Fadi Ibrahim Ahmed
Saad bin-alrabee alansari School, Kuwait

Title: Novel inhibitor for COVID-19 by nanotechnology by zinc nano-based Aza-Pc and CQDs

Speaker at Catalysis conferences - Nooshin Gholipour Zanjani
Nooshin Gholipour Zanjani
Standard Research Institute, Iran

Title: Heterogeneous catalysts and dynamic interactions in ultrasound biodiesel production

Angyang Yu
Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical technology, China

Title: A molecular dynamics investigation of template molecule in the zeolite channel