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Caixia Qi, Speaker at Chemistry Conferences
Caixia Qi
Yantai University, China


Dr. Caixia Qi, 52 years old, is the Director / Professor at Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology (Au-SDARC), Yantai University, China and engaged in the research of gold catalysis and populating industrial applications of gold nanotechnology. She received her Ph. D degree from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1996 and served as a STA postdoctoral fellow, an associated researcher and a guest researcher in Osaka National Research Institute of Japan (Kansai AIST), Royal Military College of Canada and Tokyo Metropolitan University, respectively. She was awarded Shandong Taishan Scholar in 2011 and promoted and organized the Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology (Au-SDARC), an open-end industry-academia- research platform for speeding up industrial applications of gold which features regional advantages and compliance of international standards.