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Chukhajian Emma, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Chukhajian Emma
The Scientific Technological Centre of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Armenia


Prof. Emma Chukhajian is Leading Scientist and Head of the laboratory of aminocompounds of STCOPHCH NAS RA. She obtained her Ph.D. in 1970, postdoctorial in – 1985. In 1969 she discovered base-catalized intramolecular Cyclization of unsaturated ammonium salts, in 2003 - intramolecular Recyclization of 4-hydroxymethylbenzo[f]isoindolinium salts, in 2008 – isomerisation of 3a,4-dihydroisoindolinium salts, in 2011 – Stevens rearrangement of the salts, containing allylic type group along with 4-hydroxybuth-2-ynyl, in 2016 – deamination of 3-(dialkylamino)-1,4- diarylhex-5-en-1-yns during vacuum distillation, leading to terphenyles, established the mechanisms of mentioned reactions. She has published more than 160 Scientific works.