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Giang Vo Thanh, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Giang Vo Thanh
University Paris Saclay, France


Giang Vo-Thanh obtained his Ms in 1994 and his Ph.D in 1997 from the University ‘Pierre et Marie Curie’ (Paris VI, France). After three year postdoctoral fellowships, he took up, in 2000, an academic position as an assistant professor at the University Paris-Sud. In 2006, he obtained his Habilitation diploma and in 2007, he was pointed Full Professor at the University Paris-Sud. His research interests include all aspects of synthetic methodology, including the design and synthesis of chiral ionic liquids and their uses as chiral reaction media (solvent and/or catalyst) in asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, the synthesis of new chiral molecules (amino alcohols, diamines, phosphines, thioureas, thiourea-phosphines, NHC,…) derived from biomass products and their applications as ligands or organocatalysts for asymmetric catalysis, and the preparation of molecules or molecular scaffolds of biological interest.