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Jana Pisk, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Jana Pisk
University of Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)


J. Pisk got a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2012. In 2010 she spent one year at LCC Toulouse and IUT P. Sabatier Toulouse III, France, where she learned the basics of catalysis. She was Marie Curie Cofund's fellow and did postdoctoral research at the LCC, Toulouse (Project “Diligent search for chemical bio-sources: Solvent-free homogeneous and heterogeneous oxidation processes catalyzed by polyoxometalates”). She was an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science, Zagreb, in 2018, and from 2023 she is an Associate Professor. Her major interest is the coordination chemistry of molybdenum and vanadium and the investigation of catalytic properties of the obtained materials.