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Parfenova Maria, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Parfenova Maria
Institute of Physical Materials Science, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation


Materials CAD Laboratory engineer and Ph.D. student in IPMS SB RAS. Participated in conferences: CALPHAD GLOBAL CONFERENCE: 14th Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics (CYSC-2021), October 20-23, 2021. Novi Sad, Serbia; 10th International Conference on Materials Science (ICMS2021). November 19-20 2021. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; III International Scientific and Practical Conference «Society and Science. Problems and Prospects». January 25-28 2022, London, England; 2022 Sustainable Industrial Processing Submit, SIPS-2022., November 27 - December 1. Phuket, Thailand; V International Conference "Modeling of synthesis and destruction of advanced materials'' (MSDAM-2022) October 12-14, Minsk, Belarus.