• Nicolas Abatzoglou

    Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

    Title: A new catalyst for the conversion of aromatics to HC and CO-rich gas

  • Helaja Tuulamari

    Vice President at VTT, Finland

    Title: Adding value to biomass through catalytic transformation

  • Janusz Stafiej

    Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Poland

    Title: Cellular automata based simulations for the autocatalytic mechanism in pitting corrosion

  • Lutz F. Tietze

    Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany

    Title: Domino Reactions. The Green and Economical Art of Chemical Synthesis

  • Sophie Cassaignon

    Sorbonne University, France

    Title: How the design of nanomaterials allows to control their properties

  • Paul O’Connor

    Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

    Title: CO2 Chemical Evolution & Catalysis

  • Victor Mukhin

    Elektrostal Research and Production Association, Russia

    Title: New Carbon Carriers for Catalysts

  • Ye Huang

    Ulster University, UK

    Title: Techno-economic analysis of coal to liquids based on direct coal liquefaction technology

  • Jurek Krzystek

    National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA

    Title: High-Frequency and -Field EPR and Far-Infrared Magnetic Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes with Catalytic Properties

  • Moti Herskowitz

    Ben Gurion University at Negev, Israel

    Title: Catalysts and catalytic processes for converting waste to fungible liquid fuels and chemicals

  • Carlos Agudelo

    Director and Founder of AuroraTech, Colombia

    Title: Lets be friendly with the environment, using abnormal situations automation

  • Joana Filomena Campos

    Université d’Orléans, France

    Title: “Bio-based solvent”: New solvent for the synthesis of heterocycles containing oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen

  • Victor Kogan

    Russian Academy of sciences, Russia

    Title: Interlayer dynamics of the active sites of transition metal sulfide-based catalysts and the mechanisms of hydrodesulfurization of oil fractions and synthesis gas conversion into higher alcohols and other oxygenates

  • Shoshi Inooka

    President of Japan Association of Science Specialists, Japan

    Title: Preparation of DNA Crown Cells (artificial cells) Using Eggs and Sphingosine-DNA

  • Chuanbao Cao

    Beijing Institute of Technology, China

    Title: The morphology and surface modification effect on the properties of OER

  • S.V. Prabhakar Vattikuti

    Yeungnam University, South Korea

    Title: Role and Significance of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) as a Cocatalyst for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production

  • Endre Nagy

    University of Pannonia, Hungary

    Title: Description of mass transport through an asymmetric, bio-catalytic membrane reactors

  • Tadayuki Imanaka

    Ritsumeikan University, Japan

    Title: An efficient way of producing fuel hydrocarbon from CO2 and activated water

  • Sushil Kumar

    Doon University, India

    Title: Ru(II)–Fe(III) and Ru(II)-Cu(II) Dyads for the Light Induced Catalytic Oxygenation of Organic Substrates Mediated by O2 Activation

  • Samy Ponnusamy

    MilliporeSigma, USA

    Title: DOZN™- A Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

  • Rebecca Gibson

    University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Title: Modelling thermokinetics using the sestak-berggren equation: A calcium carbonate case study

  • Sergio Huerta Ochoa

    Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Campus Iztapalapa, Mexico

    Title: Whole-cell bioconversion of naringenin using Yarrowia lipolytica 2.2ab in surface and liquid cultures

  • Vladimir Z. Mordkovich

    TISNCM, Russia

    Title: Percolation and Additional Active Centers as Key Factors for Performance of Highly Productive Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts

  • Donglu Shi

    University of Cincinnati, USA

    Title: Green synthesis and the photothermal effect of transparent chlorophyll thin-films

  • Gagik Torosyan

    University of Armenia, Republic of Armenia

    Title: Natural zeolites in the polymer residue`s

  • Navin. B. Patel

    Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India

    Title: Environmentally benign synthetic approach of newer nitrogen heterocyclic analogous as a biologically active scaffold

  • Leszek Moscicki

    Lublin University of Life Sciences, Poland

    Title: Green Chemistry in Processing of Degradable and Recycled Polymers

  • Gordon Yu

    Taiwan Hsinchu Green Industry Association, Taiwan

    Title: The most eco-friendly precious metal mining & e-waste processing in the world

  • Roozbeh Valadian

    Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Netherlands

    Title: Carbon Deposits in a Single Catalyst Particle as Studied by Correlated 3-D X-ray Microscopy and Pore Network Modeling

  • Angelo Vaccari

    Università di Bologna, Italy

    Title: Clean biogas as a renewable economic source of syngas and hydrogen

  • Sabine Wrabetz

    Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck, Germany

    Title: Reactants-induced dynamic responses of the surface of heterogeneous catalysts monitored by microcalorimetry beyond adsorption

  • Iqra Zubair Awan

    University of Bologna, Italy

    Title: Perks of heterogeneous catalysts for the reductive depolymerization of lignin to improve existing valorization techniques

  • Capucine Sassoye

    Sorbonne Université, France

    Title: Ru/TiO2 CO2 methanation catalysts: the decisive role of support crystallinity and stability

  • Evgeniya N. Vlasova

    Novosibirsk National Research University, Russia

    Title: Beneficial effect of glycols on the activity of NiMoP/Al2O3 hydrotreating catalysts

  • Jian Xie

    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

    Title: Development of Pt catalysts using graphene supports for polymer electrolyte fuel cells

  • Caixia Qi

    Yantai University, China

    Title: CO oxidation over Au catalysts supported on CuO/Cu2O both in O2-rich and H2-rich streams: necessity of copper oxide

  • Yumiko Nakajima

    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

    Title: A well-defined Fe catalyst system bearing a tetradentate pnnp ligand: selective synthesis of hydrosiloxanes via dehydronegative coupling of silanols with hydrosilanes

  • Ziyi Zhong

    Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology, China

    Title: Low temperature catalytic oxidations on bimetallic catalysts employing molecular oxygen

  • Vijay Sandeep Jakkula

    International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), India

    Title: Zeolites: Potential soil amendments for improving agriculture productivity

  • Dhrubo Jyoti Sen

    Gujarat Technological University, India

    Title: Comparative physicochemical correlation study and chromatographic release profile of active pharmaceutical ingredients of synthesized prodrug and codrug of aspirin+paracetamol and indomethacin+paracetamol in physiological fluids by covalent and non–covalent bonding

  • Tim Wissink

    TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Title: Scale-up of an integrated formic acid-to-power system

  • Tony Green

    Speaking Green Communications, USA

    Title: Green Chemistry: the long-term impact on humanity

  • Kaisar Ahmad

    Indian Institute of Technology, India

    Title: Catalytic hydrogenation of greenhouse gas CO2 to methanol at atmospheric pressure: Experimental study and kinetic modelling

  • Hugo Solis Garcia

    University of Liège, Belgium

    Title: A study of the catalytic reforming of glycerol: Preparation of catalysts and design of a multifunctional fixed bed reactor for SR and APR reactions.

  • Suleiman Bifari

    Jubail Industrial College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Title: Potential use of Algae from Red Sea in Bioremedation

  • Roberto Felici

    CNR-SPIN, Tor Vergata, Italy

    Title: Observing catalytic reaction in the reciprocal space

  • Alberto V. Puga

    Instituto de Tecnología Química, Spain

    Title: Photocatalytic production of hydrogen from biomass or wastewaters using solar energy

  • Abdelkrim Abourriche

    École Nationale des Sciences Appliquées, Morocco

    Title: Comparison of chemical and physical activation process for new adsorbents obtained from Moroccan oil shale

  • Tejpal Singh Chundawat

    The Northcap University, India

    Title: Biogenically synthesized silver nanoparticles from green algae (Botryococcus braunii) and its catalytic behavior for the synthesis of benzimidazoles

  • Reza Alizadeh

    Hazrate Masoumeh University, Iran

    Title: Nano Metal Organic Framework and Nano Particles Operation a New Penomena in Green Chemistry for protection of environment

  • Yunquan Liu

    Xiamen University, China

    Title: CuxCe1-xO2 nanoflake type catalysts with improved catalytic activity and good thermal stability for diesel soot combustion

  • Rais Zakia

    Laboratory of Electrochemistry, Morroco

    Title: Olive oil waste serving the environment for sustainable development

  • Irakli Avaliani

    LEPL scientific-research institute OPTICA, Georgia

    Title: Effects of antireflective photovoltaic modules on reduction of CO2 emission

  • Sang Uck Lee

    Hanyang University, Republic of Korea

    Title: Unraveling the controversy over the catalytic reaction mechanism using a new theoretical methodology: One probe and non-equilibrium green’s function surface

  • Donny Lesmana

    Universitas Lampung, Indonesia

    Title: Hydrogen Production from Methanol Using Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 derivative at Low Temperature

  • Run Long

    Beijing Normal University, China

    Title: Photoexcitation Dynamics at Nanoscale Interfaces for Solar Hydrogen Production

  • Mohd Zul Helmi Rozaini

    Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

    Title: Major Trends in the Global Beauty Wellness Market Concerning Green Chemistry towards Sustainability

  • Mohammad Sohail

    University of Swat, Pakistan

    Title: Industrial ceramic wastes in Pakistan: Renewable natural capital for pollution control, energy and green environment

  • Hannachi Abdelhakim

    University of Skikda, Algeria

    Title: Valorization of household waste in hydroponics

  • Roonak Daghigh

    University of Kurdistan, Iran

    Title: Sustainable development of solar energy for combined cooling, heating and power generation

  • Datta Markad

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali, India

    Title: Primary amide functionalized metal organic frameworks as catalytically active hydrogen-bond-donating heterogeneous catalysts

  • Mehdi Rahimi-Nasrabadi

    Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Iran

    Title: Nitrogen-rich graphitic tube supported platinum nanoparticles with high electrocatalytic activity for methanol and ethanol oxidation

  • Komal Kumar

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

    Title: Integrated two stage processing of biomass conversion to HMF esters using ionic liquid as green solvent and catalyst: Synthesis of mono esters

  • Ilkka Hiltunen

    VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland

    Title: Development of auto-thermal catalytic reforming of tars and hydrocarbon gases derived from pressurized fluidized-bed gasification of wood residues

  • Angelo Vaccari

    Università di Bologna, Italy

    Title: R&D of New Catalysts for the Water Gas Shift Processes

  • Guanghui An

    Heilongjiang University, China

    Title: Palladium-Catalyzed β‑C(sp3)−H Arylation of weinreb amides via acidic ligands

  • Juan J. Lozada Castro

    Universidad de Nariño, Colombia

    Title: Selective ionic flow cells (SIFC) an alternative to treat wastewater and reduce climate change

  • Hanane Tounsadi

    Université Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, Morocco

    Title: Activated carbon from biomass: Optimization of preparation conditions and heavy metals removal

  • Fayez M. Eissa

    Aswan University, Egypt

    Title: Organic Chemistry Synthesis via Green and Sustainable Methodologies

  • Bakhtiar Khodavirdilo

    University of Guilan, Iran

    Title: Synthesis and characterization of Graphene Oxide-Melamine (GO-M) Nano composite and poly (Styrene –alternative – Maleic Anhydride) -Melamine (SMA-M) using for removing Lead (II) ions from aqueous solutions

  • Michael G. Kallitsakis

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    Title: Copper-benzotriazole based coordination polymer as catalyst towards the one-pot synthesis of N’-substituted-hydrazo-1,4-dihydropyridines

  • Glikina M. Iryna

    Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University, Ukrane

    Title: The use of aerosol nanocatalysis technology is one of the new directions of industrial development

  • Daria Pichugina

    Moscow State University, Russia

    Title: Structure, Stability and Catalytic Properties of Gold Protected Nanoclusters from DFT Calculation

  • Sandip Chakrabarti

    Amity University, India

    Title: Facile Synthesis of Carbon based Nanomaterials and their Applications

  • Muhammad Sharif

    King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Title: Selective Palladium-catalyzed Synthesis of Diesters: Alkoxycarbonylation of a CO2-butadiene derived lactone

  • Sesha Talpa Sai

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

    Title: Study of performance for various catalysts for the oxidation of carbon monoxide reaction

  • Murat Kunelbayev

    Institute of Information and Computing Technologies, Republic of Kazakhstan

    Title: Hydrogenation of uncertainty compounds on irradiated β-particlesPd⁄γ- Al_2 O_3 catalyst

  • Abdeen Omer

    Associate Researcher at Energy Research Institute (ERI), United Kingdom

    Title: Advanced in biomass and biogas energy

  • Jaafar Kadhum Jawad Al-Taie

    International university of erbil, Iraq

    Title: A novel synthesis of thiolato and phenoxo platinum (II) complexes by using phase transfer catalysis

  • T.Sivakumar

    Nandha college of pharmacy, India

    Title: Natural products as bioreactors for the synthesis of metal nanoparticle and its associated activity

  • Fatima Ahmed

    Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

    Title: The effect of Heglig oilfield produced water on chemical additives for hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

  • Rikson Siburian

    University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

    Title: Facile Method to Synthesize Graphite and Graphene Nano Sheets

  • Uliva Maya Taubun

    Title: Gold processing from tailings with physical separator system (Falcon Separator)

  • Vinay Kumar Srivastava

    Department Of Chemistry D.S College, India

    Title: Synthetic, Biological evaluation of Bis Tetrathiomolybdate compounds of Pt,Pd and Ni Ions

  • Eduardo Miguel Rustoy

    Laboratorio de Química Orgánica, Argentina

    Title: Biocatalysis in reactions and synthesis of compounds with pharmaceutical, industrial applications, and microwave in macrocycles synthesis

  • Benjawan Ninwong

    King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

    Title: Carbon nanodots for Mercury Ions Detection

  • Sangaraju Shanmugam

    Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST),

    Title: Metal chalcogenides as efficient electrocatalysts for sustainable hydrogen generation

  • Njoku Prince Obinna

    University of Venda, South Africa

    Title: Landfill gas emissions and utilisation in Thohoyandou and Polokwane landfill site

  • Anouar Alami

    Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco

    Title: Synthesis, characterization and study of the biological and electrochemical activities of some heterocyclic compounds

  • Aharon Gedanken

    Bar-Ilan University, Israel

    Title: Catalytic processes in the conversion of Biomass to Biofuels and Fine Chemicals combined with ultrasonic and microwave irradiations.

  • Kamolwich Income

    King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

    Title: Electrocatalytic enhancement of oxalic acid oxidation using platinum/carbon black-nickel-reduced graphene oxide on screen-printed carbon electrode

  • Feng Han

    Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

    Title: Efficient nano-regional photocatalytic heterostructure design via the manipulation of reaction site self-quenching effect