Keynote Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Edward Lee-Ruff
Keynote Presentation
Photochemical generation of 9-Fluorenyl radicals
Edward Lee-Ruff, York University, Canada

A series of 9H-fluorenols and 9H, 9’H-bifluorenyls were irradiated in less polar solvents giving photoproducts derived from their corresponding 9H-fluorenyl radicals. These transient species were directly observed [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Michele Aresta
Keynote Presentation
Carbon recycling for stepping towards the Circular C- Economy
Michele Aresta, IC2R, Italy

The substitution of fossil-C with renewable carbon is a must for the sustainability of the chemical industry and, in part, of the energy industry. Carbon Capture and Utilization-CCU is gaining momentum worldwide as a per [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Jennifer Edwards
Keynote Presentation
Probing heterogeneous catalysis as a new way to control microbial pathogens
Jennifer Edwards, Cardiff University, UK

A number of experimental tools common in the field of heterogeneous catalysis research have complimentary but under explored impact in biomedical research and pharmacological research areas. Metal oxides (commonly used a [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy
Keynote Presentation
MilliporeSigma’s green chemistry initiatives (DOZN™ 2.0)
Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy, MilliporeSigma, USA

MilliporeSigma created a unique web-based greener alternative scoring matrix, also known as DOZN™2.0 - A Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator based on the 12 principles of green chemistry. The 12 principles of gr [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Hussein Znad
Keynote Presentation
Transesterification of waste canola oil by Lithium/Zinc composite supported on waste chicken bone as an effective catalyst
Hussein Znad, Curtin University, Australia

Depletion of fossil fuel reserves, high price of crude oil, environment issues and energy security have inspired the researchers to find a renewable and sustainable alternative fuel. Biodiesel can be considered as a prom [....]

Keynote Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Yury S. Nechaev
Keynote Presentation
On the long-term problem of the “super” storage of hydrogen in catalytically grown graphite nanofibers
Yury S. Nechaev, Bardin Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Russia

In this work, an effective methodology was applied to analyze the well-known (but not reproduced by anyone) data on the “super” sorption of hydrogen in the know-how activated graphite nanofibers (GNF). Such p [....]

Keynote Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Chunshan Song
Keynote Presentation
Recent advances in non-thermal plasma enhanced catalysis for CO2 conversion and SO2 reduction
Chunshan Song, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Non-thermal plasma can activate various molecules that are thermally difficult to activate at low (or ambient) temperatures. Recent advances in non-thermal plasma-enhanced catalysis has made it possible to conduct diffic [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences 2021- Motoi Machida
Oral Presentation
Preparation of nitrogen-containing carbonaceous adsorbent from PAN fiber to remove nitrate ion from aqueous phase
Motoi Machida, Chiba University, Japan

In this conference, we would like to give you a short review and also show our current experiences on the development of adsorbents to remove nitrate from water. Starting material for the adsorbents is commercially avail [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Deepak Sharma
Oral Presentation
Process and adsorbent for separating ethanol and associated oxygenates from a biofermentation system
Deepak Sharma, Bayer U.S. , USA

The principles of process intensification if used on existing processes can lead to development and redesign of existing processes to become more sustainable. This presentation will discuss a process and an adsorbent for [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021 - Jianbing Gao
Oral Presentation
Catalyst applications for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters
Jianbing Gao, University of Leeds, UK

Particulate matter (PM) from internal combustion engines such as direct injection petrol engines and diesel engines has generate negative impacts on human health and environment. Diesel particulate filters (DPF), as the [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Biao Jiang
Oral Presentation
Mercury-free nitrogen-doped activated carbon catalyst: Total solution to non-Hg PVC industrialization
Biao Jiang, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China

Acetylene hydrochlorination is an important aspect of the industrial synthesis of polyvinyl chloride, but it requires a toxic mercury chloride catalyst. Here we report a green, highly efficient and low cost nitrogen-dope [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021 - Tamilla Naibova
Oral Presentation
Compositions on the basis of modified phenol-formaldehyde oligomers
Tamilla Naibova, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Azerbaijan

In order to obtain desired properties of oligomers, modification process is used to change their structure and composition. In this matter, using traditional technology equipments and methods  is more suitable. Late [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ai Suzuki
Oral Presentation
Quantum chemical insight into catalyst durability
Ai Suzuki, Tohoku University, Japan

Automotive catalysts compose of various kinds of metals and metal oxides. By using multi-scale theoretical method combined with three dimensional Kinetic Monte Carlo method, the sintering behavior of Pt can be explained [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Adelaja Otolorin Osibote
Oral Presentation
Catalyst and elemental analysis in biodiesel produced from various feed stocks
Adelaja Otolorin Osibote, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Globally, there is depletion of fossil fuels and rise in energy demand due to population and industrial growth and this has caused a need for finding alternative fuels that are less harmful and can bring about energy sec [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Zsolt Benedek
Oral Presentation
A bridge between theory and experiment: Application of microkinetic modeling in molecular catalyst design and in cancer research
Zsolt Benedek, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

The two branches of chemistry, theory and experiment, are interdependent: theoretical calculations are required for the evaluation of experimental results (e. g. for the exploration of mechanisms), while experimental dat [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Xin Jin
Oral Presentation
Mechanistic studies of catalytic oxidation of glucose and gluconic acid to tartaric acid
Xin Jin, China University of Petroleum, China

Aqueous phase oxidation of cellulosic and sugar derivatives is crucial for sustainable production of value-added carboxylic acids and derivatives. Tartaric acid (TA), a high value-added C4 dicarboxylic acid, has been wid [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Damjan Blažeka
Oral Presentation
Quantitative analysis of MB and RB photodegradation in the presence of metal-oxide catalyst nanoparticles synthesized by pulsed laser ablation in water
Damjan Blažeka, Institute of Physics, Croatia

Pulsed laser ablation in liquid (PLAL) is green technique for synthesis of nanoparticles. In PLAL, the solid target immersed in liquid is irradiated by pulsed laser beam. Plasma plume is formed during the interaction bet [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Mohamed Ezeldin Abdalla Osman
Oral Presentation
Syngas conversion to higher alcohols: Application of K-promoted CoMoS2 catalysts supported over novel carbon-containing materials
Mohamed Ezeldin Abdalla Osman, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Russia

Catalytic conversion of synthesis gas to higher alcohols has received tremendous interest due to the generation of environmentally benign octane boosters and alternative fuels to supplement the diminishing supply of the [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Riam Abu Much
Oral Presentation
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: An Educational Point of View
Riam Abu Much, The Academic Arab College for Education in Haifa, Israel

A fundamental of the physics and chemistry of solids is the understanding that most of their properties depend significantly on the size of a solid particle in one, two, or three dimensions. Whether it can be called a re [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Saule Mergenbayeva
Oral Presentation
Polymer immobilized TiO2 microparticles and application in photocatalytic degradation of caffeine
Saule Mergenbayeva, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

TiO2-based photocatalysis has been considered as a promising technique to remove organic pollutants from water because of non-toxicity, strong chemical stability and low cost of TiO2. However, an important challenge asso [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Morten Meldal
Keynote Presentation
Organozymes: Structured peptide ligands in transition metal catalysis
Morten Meldal, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The presentation will describe our development of organozymes, small structured peptides inspired by enzymes with promising specific catalytic activity. The work is centred on metallo-peptides but will also describe a ra [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineeringconferences - Lingai Luo
Keynote Presentation
Recent progress in compact heat exchanger and their functionality integration
Lingai Luo, CNRS, France

Heat exchangers are essential unit elements in chemical and process engineering including power production process, chemical and food industries, electronics, environmental engineering, waste heat recovery, manufacturing [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences 2021- Ahmet Haxhiaj
Keynote Presentation
Benefit of management of Zinc concentrates in "Trepca"
Ahmet Haxhiaj, University of Mitrovica, Republic of Kosova

Based on the placement of zinc and its consumption in branches of industry we treat zinc composition of Kopaonik massif. Avulsion, and melting sphaleritetenuity. The paper in particular makes delivery of the flotation pr [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Keynote Presentation
Lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of racemates: A versatile method in chiral separation and its impact on drug development
Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, National Research Centre, Egypt

Enzymes and especially lipases are biological catalysts of extraordinary selectivity and efficiency. They catalyze and regulate reactions of important biochemical pathways. In common with all catalysts, they accelerate t [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dmitry Nikushchenko
Keynote Presentation
Intensification of Tornado-like vortex structures in a near-wall flow over an energy-efficient surface with multi-row inclined Oval-Trench Dimples
Dmitry Nikushchenko, Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russian Federation

Thermohydraulic design of energy-efficient devices (in chemical industry as well) is based on a combination of flow and heat transfer control methods using additive technologies for designing reliefs with ordered surface [....]

keynote Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Bunsho Ohtani
Keynote Presentation
Messy-material analysis through electron-trap distribution patterns of surface amorphized titania particles
Bunsho Ohtani, Hokkaido University, Japan

Changes in surface and bulk structures of rutile, anatase and brookite titania particles induced by braying up to 10 d and post calcination in air at 773 K were analyzed by reversed double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Sergio Nogales Delgado
Oral Presentation
Monitoring of biolubricant production by different methods
Sergio Nogales Delgado, University of Extremadura, Spain

The implementation of biorefineries is becoming a reality nowadays, due to the increasing environmental concern of society and institutions. Thus, there are countless ways to produce energy, biofuels or bioproducts from [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Mohamed Bouaziz
Oral Presentation
Mild synthesis of high added value compounds hydroxytyrosol through catalytic oxidation of the of tyrosol and 2-phenylethanol
Mohamed Bouaziz, Université de Sfax, Tunisia

The development of an economical, efficient and eco-friendly method for the synthesis of interesting compounds such as Ortho-dihydroxylated aromatic products is one of the principal’s aims of chemistry. Hydroxytyro [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Yong Xu
Oral Presentation
Nanofibrillar decellularized Wharton’s Jelly Matrix for segmental tracheal repair
Yong Xu, Tongji University School of Medicine, China

Wharton’s jelly (WJ) is considered a potential scaffold in tissue-engineered trachea for its similar composition and function to cartilage tissue. However, the feasibility of using WJ to construct engineered neocar [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Mohd Hasmizam Razali
Oral Presentation
Photocatalytic efficiency of immobilized hybrid titanium dioxide nanowires/reduced graphene oxide (TiO2NWs/RGO) for degradation of methyl orange
Mohd Hasmizam Razali, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Short The major concern of this research is to overcome the limitation of suspensions mode heterogeneous photocatalysis by implementation of immobilized hybrid TiO2NWs/RGO for dye degradation. Titanium (IV) oxide powder [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Vandana Sakhre
Oral Presentation
Eco Friendly Low-cost date palm nano bio adsorbent for adsorption of heavy metals from wastewater
Vandana Sakhre, Manipal Academy Of Higher Education, Dubai

Generation of wastewater is a major issue in today’s world, and it is produced from various activities such as agriculture, industries, commercial and domestic activities. They contain various physical, chemical an [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Shuai-Shuai Li
Oral Presentation
The Application of Hydride Transfer Strategy in Construction of Heterocycles
Shuai-Shuai Li, Qingdao Agricultural University, China

Currently, green synthesis has drawn more attention from the organic chemists for meeting the expectations of the development of environmentally benign protocols. The cascade [1,5]-hydride transfer/cyclization has receiv [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Vakhtang Barbakadze
Oral Presentation
Novel multifunctional acidic biopolyether: 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl derivative of poly(2,3-Glyceric acid ether) from medicinal plants of boraginaceae family, its synthetic snalogues and their therapeutic efficacy
Vakhtang Barbakadze, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

A new poly(sugar acid) is the main chemical constit¬uent of high molecular (>1000 kDa) water-soluble preparations from medicinal plants of Symphytum asperum, S.caucasicum, S.officinale, S.grandiflorum,  Anchu [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Jana Pisk
Oral Presentation
Tetranuclear molybdenum(vi) hydrazonato epoxidation (pre)catalysts: Is water always the best choice?
Jana Pisk, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Metallosupramolecular chemistry area has grown exponentially with a key role of multinuclear metal complexes (MMC) [1,2].The most interesting and challenging MMS are metal-organic frameworks (MOF) and self-assembled supr [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Angyang Yu
Oral Presentation
A molecular dynamics investigation of template molecule in the zeolite channel
Angyang Yu, Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology, China

The location and diffusion properties of template molecules in the zeolite channel have been investigated based on molecular dynamics method. Simulation results show that template molecules can reside in the supercages a [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Bhuvanasundari
Oral Presentation
Novel use of Aluminium Ferrite (AlFeO3), a magnetic material for photocatalytic wastewater treatment
Bhuvanasundari, IIT Madras, India

Advanced oxidative processes based on visible light active photocatalysis are particularly promising for water treatment using solar energy. However, especially on large scale, the retrieval and recycling of semiconducto [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Yahaya Kudush Kawa
Oral Presentation
The impact of chemicals on human health and the environment
Yahaya Kudush Kawa, Njala University, Sierra Leone

The production of chemicals has increased gradually over the past decade and scientists are always producing new chemicals all over the world. These increases have really posed a threat on the environment and all living [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Ihsan Budi Rachman
Poster Presentation
Nickel hydroxides derived from nickel dithioxamide coordination polymer as potential electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline solutions
Ihsan Budi Rachman, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is a key reaction in the number of electrochemical technologies directed towards energy storage and conversion such as alkaline fuel cells and metal-air batteries. Development of these tec [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Swati
Poster Presentation
ZSM-5 modified catalysts for the conversion of bioethanol to aromatics
Swati, CSIR- Indian Institute of petroleum, India

The production of aromatics and other petrochemicals from renewable sources will be a sustainable approach and reduce the loads on fossil resources. Eventually, it will help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produc [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - Grigory Andreevich Korablev
Poster Presentation
Problematic issues of physical chemistry
Grigory Andreevich Korablev, Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Russian Federation

In systems in which the interaction proceeds along the potential gradient (positive work), the resulting potential energy, as well as the reduced mass, are found based on the principle of adding reciprocals of the corres [....]

Speaker at Catalysis conferences 2021 - T. Shiyani
Poster Presentation
Photoelectrochemical properties of electrodeposited hybrid CZTS photo electrodes
T. Shiyani, Central University of Gujarat, India

The photo electrochemical properties were investigated on hybrid CZTS films. The hybrid CZTS films were grown on FTO coated glass substrate using hybrid precursor containing inorganic chemicals and natural basil extracti [....]