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Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - László Kollár
Keynote Presentation
Functionalization of N-heterocycles in transition metal catalyzed reactions
László Kollár, University of Pécs, Hungary

There are several ways of introducing acyl functionality into simple model compounds or skeletons of practical importance. The application of conventional acylating agents is well know and is referenced in reviews, handb [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Michele Aresta
Keynote Presentation
Carbon recycling for stepping towards the Circular C- Economy
Michele Aresta, IC2R, Italy

The substitution of fossil-C with renewable carbon is a must for the sustainability of the chemical industry and, in part, of the energy industry. Carbon Capture and Utilization-CCU is gaining momentum worldwide as a per [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Jennifer Edwards
Keynote Presentation
Probing heterogeneous catalysis as a new way to control microbial pathogens
Jennifer Edwards, Cardiff University, UK

A number of experimental tools common in the field of heterogeneous catalysis research have complimentary but under explored impact in biomedical research and pharmacological research areas. Metal oxides (commonly used a [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy
Keynote Presentation
MilliporeSigma’s green chemistry initiatives (DOZN™ 2.0)
Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy, MilliporeSigma, USA

MilliporeSigma created a unique web-based greener alternative scoring matrix, also known as DOZN™2.0 - A Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator based on the 12 principles of green chemistry. The 12 principles of gr [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Hussein Znad
Keynote Presentation
Transesterification of waste canola oil by Lithium/Zinc composite supported on waste chicken bone as an effective catalyst
Hussein Znad, Curtin University, Australia

Depletion of fossil fuel reserves, high price of crude oil, environment issues and energy security have inspired the researchers to find a renewable and sustainable alternative fuel. Biodiesel can be considered as a prom [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences 2021- Motoi Machida
Oral Presentation
Preparation of nitrogen-containing carbonaceous adsorbent from PAN fiber to remove nitrate ion from aqueous phase
Motoi Machida, Chiba University, Japan

In this conference, we would like to give you a short review and also show our current experiences on the development of adsorbents to remove nitrate from water. Starting material for the adsorbents is commercially avail [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Deepak Sharma
Oral Presentation
Process and adsorbent for separating ethanol and associated oxygenates from a biofermentation system
Deepak Sharma, Bayer U.S. , USA

The principles of process intensification if used on existing processes can lead to development and redesign of existing processes to become more sustainable. This presentation will discuss a process and an adsorbent for [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Yeshui Zhang
Oral Presentation
Structural change of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts study incorporate with coke characterization formed in heavy oil volatilization/decomposition
Yeshui Zhang, University College London, United Kingdom

Porous structure change of catalyst and coke formation from feedstock on fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst have studied by a more comprehensive set of analyses, include 2D, 3D analyses incorporate with carbon/coke [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Chunhua Cui
Oral Presentation
In situ formation of active metal sites in alkaline electrolytes for water oxidation
Chunhua Cui, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Electrolyzers are usually deposited on conductive substrates to accelerate charge transfer for catalysis. Although various methods have been developed to deposit film or particulate catalysts on substrates, in situ depos [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences  - Igor Antipin
Oral Presentation
New highly efficient catalytic systems based on multidentate polymer particles, formed by self-assembly of calix[4]arenes
Igor Antipin, Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation

Metal complex catalysis, allowing modification of molecules with atomic precision, leads to a significant saving of resources and decrease of by-products and, therefore, completely corresponds to several principles of &l [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Fu-Xue Chen
Oral Presentation
Asymmetric catalytic introduction of CN, SCN, and SeCN groups into small molecules by electrophilic reactions
Fu-Xue Chen, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

New reagents are often associated with the birth of new reactions and new methodologies. In this context, we developed series of N−electrophilic reagents containing N-CN, N-SCN and N-SeCN moieties. These reagents w [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Timur Do?u
Oral Presentation
Heteropolyacid incorporated and core-shell type new bifunctional catalysts for dimethyl ether synthesis from synthesis gas and carbon dioxide
Timur Dogu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Dimethyl ether (DME) is one of the most promising environmentally friendly diesel fuel alternates with a high cetane number and clean-burning properties, yielding no particular matter emissions. Conventionally, DME is pr [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Biao Jiang
Oral Presentation
Mercury-free nitrogen-doped activated carbon catalyst: Total solution to non-Hg PVC industrialization
Biao Jiang, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China

Acetylene hydrochlorination is an important aspect of the industrial synthesis of polyvinyl chloride, but it requires a toxic mercury chloride catalyst. Here we report a green, highly efficient and low cost nitrogen-dope [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Adel Abdulhalim AlSalaymeh
Oral Presentation
Nitrate removal from drinking water by sodium thiosulfate and its impact on health
Adel Abdulhalim AlSalaymeh, Water Quality Laboratory, Palestine

Introduction: Nitrate is a stable and highly soluble ion with a low potential for precipitation or adsorption, nitrate is seldom present in geological formations and therefore contamination due to nitrate is mainly attr [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Kartick Mondal
Oral Presentation
Influence of synthesis methodology on performance of catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane (OCM)
Kartick Mondal, Shell Technology Center, India

There is a large economical interest in making methane available as a carbon source for the chemical industry. A direct way for the conversion of methane into value added products is always interesting. The Oxidative Cou [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Munyaradzi Shumba
Oral Presentation
Poly-phthalocyanines doped graphene oxide nanosheets conjugates for electrocatalytic oxidation of drug residues
Munyaradzi Shumba, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Donor and acceptor phthalocyanine molecules were copolymerized and or linked to graphene oxide nanosheets through amidation to yield electrocatalytic platforms on glassy carbon electrodes. The platforms were characterize [....]

Oral Presentation
Catalyst and elemental analysis in biodiesel produced from various feed stocks
Adelaja Otolorin Osibote, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Globally, there is depletion of fossil fuels and rise in energy demand due to population and industrial growth and this has caused a need for finding alternative fuels that are less harmful and can bring about energy sec [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dmitry Rudakov
Oral Presentation
A new method of nitrogen dioxide production
Dmitry Rudakov, Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS, Russian Federation

Nitric oxide is an useful reagent in organic and inorganic synthesis (Tetrahedron, 2010, 66, 9077): oxidation, nitration, Kyodai-nitration, synthesis anhydrous nitrate of metal, smokeless powder, nitrosyl sulfuric acid, [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho Jamshidi
Oral Presentation
Applicability of Quasicrystalline alloys in the formation of nanoparticulated catalyst for the production of hydrogen/ dimethy ether from the catalytic process
Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho Jamshidi, R & C JAM Catalyst Co-LTD, Brazil

The globalization of the world economy, mainly sectors linked to chemical, petrochemical, automobile industries, other sectors responsible & conscious of environmental preservation, including researchers looking for [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Reza Jamshidi Rodbari
Oral Presentation
Nano Quasicrystalline catalysts with graphene oxide in catalysis to form thin films to be used in hybrid cars
Reza Jamshidi Rodbari, R & C JAM Catalyst Co-LTD, Brazil

Currently, the search for innovation & technology for the production of new catalysts with the objective of being used in the petrochemical industry & other products. It becomes a profitable movement in the natio [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Morten Meldal
Keynote Presentation
Organozymes: Structured peptide ligands in transition metal catalysis
Morten Meldal, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The presentation will describe our development of organozymes, small structured peptides inspired by enzymes with promising specific catalytic activity. The work is centred on metallo-peptides but will also describe a ra [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineeringconferences - Lingai Luo
Keynote Presentation
Recent progress in compact heat exchanger and their functionality integration
Lingai Luo, CNRS, France

Heat exchangers are essential unit elements in chemical and process engineering including power production process, chemical and food industries, electronics, environmental engineering, waste heat recovery, manufacturing [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences 2021- Ahmet Haxhiaj
Keynote Presentation
Benefit of management of Zinc concentrates in "Trepca"
Ahmet Haxhiaj, University of Mitrovica, Republic of Kosova

Based on the placement of zinc and its consumption in branches of industry we treat zinc composition of Kopaonik massif. Avulsion, and melting sphaleritetenuity. The paper in particular makes delivery of the flotation pr [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Keynote Presentation
Lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of racemates: A versatile method in chiral separation and its impact on drug development
Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, National Research Centre, Egypt

Enzymes and especially lipases are biological catalysts of extraordinary selectivity and efficiency. They catalyze and regulate reactions of important biochemical pathways. In common with all catalysts, they accelerate t [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Giang Vo-Thanh
Keynote Presentation
Bifunctional chiral organocatalysts: Design, synthesis and applications in asymmetric organocatalysis
Giang Vo-Thanh, University Paris Saclay, France

The development of new and more efficient catalytic systems is the subject of increasing attention from both academic and industrial research. Moreover, biomass is an endless supply of hydrocarbon materials that can be u [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ekambaram Balaraman
Keynote Presentation
Smart systems for sustainable catalysis
Ekambaram Balaraman, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

Catalytic dehydrogenation is one of the most fundamental processes in synthetic chemistry and chemical biology. Recently, acceptorless dehydrogenative coupling (ADC) and hydrogen-auto (HA) transfer reactions of renewable [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dongqing Cai
Oral Presentation
Remediation of heavy metal ions contamination using nanomaterials
Dongqing Cai, Donghua University, China

Aiming to remediate heavy metal ions contamination of water and soil, several functional nanomaterials with nanonetwork structure were fabricated based on nanoclay, biochar and so on. The nanomaterials could effectively [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Vandana Sakhre
Oral Presentation
Heat integrated synthesis of PET polymer using dual reactive distillation technique
Vandana Sakhre, Manipal Academy Of Higher Education, Dubai

There is an increased interest in heat integrated process as reduction in energy consumption ultimately reduces the operating cost of process. Heat integration is defined technically as reduction in energy consumption or [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Wang Dongfang
Oral Presentation
A nanosystem for simultaneous removal of anionic and cationic heavy metals from water and soil
Wang Dongfang, Donghua University, China

In this work, a novel nano-system was synthesized with reductant and adsorbent loaded with nano-sponge. Therein, the reductant has high reduction and adsorption capabilities for anionic heavy metals (mainly hexavalent ch [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Abhay Bhisikar
Oral Presentation
Estimation of strain (micro and macro strain), crystallite size and dislocation density from XRD pattern
Abhay Bhisikar, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, India

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a nondestructive and very effective quantitative technique which can be used in the investigation of various structural parameters of a material sample. The kinematic theory of x-ray interactio [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Albert Poater
Oral Presentation
Complementarity between generation of H2 and hydrogenation of substrates
Albert Poater, Universitat de Girona, Spain

First, cyclopentadienone iron dicarbonyl complexes were applied in the alkylation of ketones with various aliphatic and aromatic ketones and alcohols via the borrowing hydrogen strategy in mild reaction conditions. DFT c [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Dmitry Nikushchenko
Oral Presentation
Intensification of Tornado-like vortex structures in a near-wall flow over an energy-efficient surface with multi-row inclined Oval-Trench Dimples
Dmitry Nikushchenko, Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russian Federation

Thermohydraulic design of energy-efficient devices (in chemical industry as well) is based on a combination of flow and heat transfer control methods using additive technologies for designing reliefs with ordered surface [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ikram-ul-Haq
Oral Presentation
Cloning, enhanced production and characterization of a hyperstable GH12 endo-1,4-?-glucanase (TnCel12B) from Thermotoga naphthophila RKU-10T
Ikram-ul-Haq, GC University, Pakistan

A putative cellulolytic gene (825 bp) from Thermotoga naphthophila RKU-10T was overexpressed as an active soluble endo-1,4-β-glucanase (TnCel12B), belongs to glycoside hydrolase family 12 (GH12), in a mesophilic exp [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Faryal Idrees
Oral Presentation
Development of heterostructures photocatalytic application to Nb2O5/g-C3N4 heterostructures as efficient photocatalyst
Faryal Idrees, The University of the Punjab, Pakistan

This work focuses on the developments made in the photocatalytic applications. Many factors such as synthesis, formation of heterostructures, doping, metallic deposition and charge carrier concentrations effect the effic [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Ali Morsali
Oral Presentation
Metal–organic frameworks for Asymetric Catalysis Application
Ali Morsali, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are a fascinating class of porous materials that become popular due to their designability that incorporates the rigidity of inorganic compounds with the ?exibility and the tunabilit [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences 2021- Bassey Etta Agbo
Oral Presentation
Microbiological evaluations of the effect of palm oil mill effluent (Pome) on tropical hydric soil using sanger sequencing and metagenomic techniques
Bassey Etta Agbo, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Standard microbiological, Sanger sequencing and meta-genomics techniques were employed to evaluate the effects Palm Oil Mill Effluent [POME] on heterogeneous microbial communities, enzymatic activities and the growth and [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Reza Alizadeh
Oral Presentation
Nano metal organic framework and nano particles a new penomena in chemical engineering and technology
Reza Alizadeh, Hazrate Masoumeh University, Iran

Nanomaterials are special or functionalized using a primary nanostructure as a preservative, such as magnetic iron oxide or zinc ferrite, which can easily be produced, and then under controlled conditions, temperature. p [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Camila Emilia Kozonoe
Poster Presentation
Effect of CO2 and water in Methane trireforming over carbon nanotubes catalysts
Camila Emilia Kozonoe, Postdoctoral, Brazil

Carbon dioxide is a gaseous compound, which is also considered to be one of the main greenhouse effect causes. To facilitate decreasing and/or avoiding high CO2 emissions related to energy production and use, particular [....]

Speaker for catalysis conferences - Hossein Etemadi
Poster Presentation
Controlled synthesis of monodispersed MxFe3-xO4 (M = Fe, Mg, Zn) spinel nanoferrites for visible light photocatalytic H2 production
Hossein Etemadi, Massey University, New Zealand

Magnetically separable photocatalyst based on monodisperse MxFe3−xO4 (M = Fe, Mg, Zn) spinel nanoferrites were successfully synthesized through hydrothermal route for visible-light induced H2 production. Their morp [....]

Speaker for Chemical Engineering conferences - Fares Redouane
Poster Presentation
In-situ immobilization of metal salts on prepared heterogeneous nanomagnetically bisphosphine ligands for arylation of aromatic aldehydes
Fares Redouane, University of Ahmed Zebaneh, Algeria

Solid waste is a major concern in Algeria in particular and developing countries in general because of its high production rate and poor management. Inefficient treatment of solid waste can lead to environmental degradat [....]