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Essa Georges Lwisa, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
UAE University, United Arab Emirates
Title : Chemical enhanced oil recovery


Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques are currently one of the top priorities of technological development in the oil industry owing to the increasing demand for oil and gas, which cannot be fulfilled by primary or secondary production methods. The main function of the enhanced oil recovery process is to displace oil in the production wells by the injection of different fluids to supplement the natural energy present in the reservoir. moreover, these injecting fluids can alter the reservoir's properties; for example, they can lower the interfacial tension (IFT) between oil and water, alter the rock's wettability, change the pH value, form emulsions aid in clay migration, and reduce the oil viscosity. In this chapter, we will discuss the following methods of chemical enhanced oil recovery: polymer flooding, surfactant flooding, alkaline flooding, and smart water flooding. In addition, we will review the merits and demerits of each method and conclude the chapter with our recommendations.

Audience take-away:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques.
  • Chemical EOR methods.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of each method.
  • Factors affecting the Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • New horizons of Chemical EOR.


Dr. Essa Lwisa is an expert in core analysis, rock properties, and enhanced oil recovery. He has been working at the United Arab Emirates University- Chemical and Petroleum Engineering department since 2009 as a core analysis lab engineer. He is also a technical assessor in Emirates National Accreditation System. He has participated in many conferences and published one book and seventeen scientific papers.  Recently, Dr. Essa is working on a new research about using polar salts and foams in enhanced oil recovery.  Far from engineering, Essa is a co-founder and a lead player at the UAE University Music Orchestra.