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Xiaoguang Duan, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
The University of Adelaide, Australia
Title : Mass-scale production of single-atom materials for catalytic water decontamination


In this work, we developed a series of structure-well-defined carbon-based single-atom catalysts (SACs) to replace conventional metal counterparts and drive several key processes in advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for the purification of organic contaminants in wastewater. We found that SACs can effectively activate various peroxides to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) and decompose organic contaminants in water via radical and nonradical pathways. We used both advanced characterisation techniques as well as density functional theory calculations to reveal the molecular/coordination structure of the derived SACs, featured electronic structures, as well as relations with the catalytic behaviours in AOPs. The activation of peroxides and evolution of reactive oxygen species are identified by a diversity of experimental and analytical methodologies. The SAC catalysts demonstrate great activity and stability in long-term operation with regulated redox capacity to oxidize a diversity of micropollutants. Outcomes will advance the water purification technologies using green and cutting-edge SAC-based oxidation technology to secure water safety in the post-COVID era.

Audience Take Away:

  • New approach to mass-scale production of advanced single atom catalysts
  • Green and new technology for water purification
  • Advanced strategies to treat microplastics in water


Dr Xiaoguang Duan is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Adelaide. His research areas focus on green catalysis, functional materials, advanced water purification technologies. Dr Duan has published over 200 peer-reviewed research papers, including 53 ESI Highly Cited Papers (1%) on Chemical Society Review, Accounts of Chemical Research, Advanced Materials, Angew Chem Int Ed, ACS Catalysis etc. His publications received >19,000 citations with h-index of 71 (web of science). He is a highly cited researcher in ’Environment/Ecology’ and ’Chemistry’ and received the MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 Award.