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Qingge Feng, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Guangxi university, China
Title : One step solid-state reaction synthesis, characterization, and catalytic performance of n–p SnO2/Bi2O3 composite


A novel n–p SnO2/Bi2O3 composite was synthesized by template free one step solid-state reaction synthesis. The as-prepared composite was characterized by XRD, HR-TEM, FE-SEM, UV–Vis, PL, and XPS. The photocatalytic capacity of n–p SnO2/Bi2O3 was evaluated by monitoring the decolorization of Rh.B solution. The results indicate that: (1) The photocatalyst exhibited a unique flake-like powder structure. SnO2 particles closely scattered on the surface of the nano-flake structure of Bi2O3; (2) Compared with pure SnO2 and Bi2O3, all the composite samples extended the edge of absorbance to the visible light region as long as 520 nm(sample S500) ; (3) The composite calcined at 500 ?(sample S500) showed the highest separation capability of photoelectrons and holes; (4) About 99% Rh.B can be completely decolorized within 30 min, and the reaction rate constant of S500 is about 10 times higher than that of pure SnO2 and Bi2O3; (5) The decolorization ratio was as high as 95% even in the 5th cycle which means the SnO2/Bi2O3 composite is chemically stable; (6)Active species test showed that (·O2−), holes (h+) were the main active species during the decoloration of the Rh. B solution

 Audience Take Away:

  • A novel n–p SnO2/Bi2O3 composite was synthesized by template free one step solid-state reaction synthesis.
  • How to synthesize a unique photocatalyst with a flake-like powder structure?
  • How to extend the edge of absorbance to visible light region


Feng Qingge, a doctor, professor, and doctoral supervisor, graduated from the environmental construction engineering discipline of Hachinohe Institute of Technology in Japan, He has won a doctor's degree (engineering). He has published more than 90 high-level academic papers in SCI/EI and other journals, has authorized more than 20 patents, won the first, second, and third prizes of the Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, and is also a member of the Japanese Civil Society, a director of the Chinese Silicate Society, and a standing director of the concrete branch of the China Construction Industry Association