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Amina adala, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
University of Mentouri Brothers Constantine, Algeria
Title : Removal of Ibuprofen from wastewater during purification by a Synthesized Coordination polymers based on N-Donor Clusters spaced by Dicarboxylate Acid catalyzed by Persulfates under Natural irradiation


Heterogeneous photocatalysis is a promising alternative for the treatment of pollutants in aquatic environments, which is fully in line with sustainable development using the sun as an energy source. The objective of the present work is the degradation of Ibuprofen “IBP” adsorbed on the semiconductors based on coordination polymers CPs synthesized by mixed ligands in a double-walled reactor exposed to the simulation radiation of a sun test. Some parameters were optimized in the presence of a strong oxidant persulfates PS and a yield of 99.9% was obtained for an optimal [S2O82-] concentration of 10-3 M. The photo reduction obeys a first order kinetics with a speed constant 0.0137 min-1.
The study of the previous system in kinetic and mechanistic terms shows an improvement in the reaction rate by the supply of S2O82-. The mechanistic aspect was also taken into account and shows the role of the oxidative radicals involved in the photochemical process which would involve the conjugated effect of the radicals SO4•- and •OH particularise the system IBP/CPs/S2O82-.The mineralization has been monitored and the degradation mechanisms of the studied system have been proposed.
Keywords: Coordination Polymers, Ibuprofen, Photocatalysis, Persulfates PS, sun test. 


Dr. Adala Amina studied Chemistry at the Mentouri Brothers “Constantine 1” University, Algeria and graduated as Master 2 in 2014. She then joined the research group of Prof. Nadra Debbache at the laboratoray of Sciences and Technologies of Environment , Algerian institute of research (LSTE). She received her PhD degree in 2016 at the same institution. After 6 years title doctor fellowship supervised by Pr Nadra Debbache at the analytic chemistry, Algeria. She has published 3 research articles in different journals.