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T Shiyani, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Saurashtra Research Institute, India
Title : Solar fuel generation using hybrid electrodes


Hydrogen is the lightest material. The generation of hydrogen is cheap. We have demonstrated the generation of green hydrogen using hybrid electrodes through the water splitting process. The hybrid photoelectrodes made up of organic natural dye and inorganic ZnO have been fabricated and characterized using the electrochemical method. They have been used for solar photoelectrochemical energy conversion.Hybrid photoelectrodes can be used to generate solar power as well as solar fuels. This technology may lead to the generation of solar power and solar fuel (hydrogen and oxygen) for future clean energy sources and hydrogen mobility.

Audience Take Away:

  • The audience will learn about solar energy conversion using hybrid electrodes
  • The presentation will help to the audience to explore this area at a commercial scale and it may help to develop the technology.
  • Yes, this research may be expanded to use in teaching and research
  • Yes, it provides a practical solution to a global problem, i.e. alternative to fossil fuels.
  • The presented work will be the solution to a current global problem, i.e. global warming.



T. Shiyani studied physics at Saurashtra University, Rajkot and graduated as MS in 2008. He joined the School of Nanosciences at Central University of Gujarat for PhD in solar energy conversion devices. He also established Shiyani Research Institute at Rajkot, India to develop R&D facilities for advanced research in solar energy and nanotechnology. He has published reputed research articles, review articles and books in SCI(E) journals.