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Kartik Upadhyay, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Kurukshetra University, India
Title : Plastic waste to liquid fuel through pyrolysis


Globally, over 380 million metric tons plastics are produced in a year and the bins are also overflowed because of used plastics. Presently, there are many technologies which recycle the plastic waste to support in controlling pollutions. They give the various drawbacks and after effects to ecological systems, like non biodegradability, enter of toxic compounds in food chain, etc. In this era, we may use biodegradable plastics or we can take conclusive steps for decomposing the non-biodegradable plastics. Recycling methods for non-biodegradable plastic wastes must be according to a conventional strategy. But recycling technique is not having an excellent result, as cleaning or decomposition of plastic wastes along many difficulties. Removal of non-biodegradable plastics by landfill methods, blast furnace, gasification and incineration, are not the best solution. That produces toxic gases along high cost of production / processing. From chemical recycling method, like pyrolysis, is the one of the best or less time-consuming method of decomposing non-biodegradable plastics wastes. Pyrolysis of non-biodegradable plastics is a best technique for producing alternate fuel, to protect our environment and also to save foreign exchange. This process involves the catalytic degradation of plastic waste to generate a liquid fuel, a range of hydrocarbons, Petro-chemicals, etc. A catalytic cracking process, in which the plastic is cracked at high temperature and the produced gas is condensed into a liquid. That liquid is to be upgraded in to a standardized fuel by additives blending or other modifications.  The type of plastic is also affected on the conversion rate of plastic into fuel and the results of this process are found to be better than other methods for decomposing of plastics because pyrolysis has better yield of conversion in to useful products.


Myself Kartik Upadhyay. I am pursing Bachelor of Technology in Field of Chemical engineering. I am pursing this degree from PKG Group of Institution, Panipat which is affiliated through Kurukshetra university. I am attending many national and international conferences. My research papers is also selected in many conferences. I done this research work under the guidance of our respected head of department sir Dr. Rakesh Punia. I am interested in various research fields for work as a researcher.