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Al Zahraa Fatima El Cheikh, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Al Zahraa Fatima El Cheikh
Limerick University, Lebanon


Al Zahraa Fatima El Cheikh is a PhD student at the University of Limerick. Her project, titled "Biomass Valuation into Valuable Chemicals', is a collaborative work between the University of Limerick and the American University of Beirut. Fatima has successfully completed her Master 2 in Mechanical Engineering, Materials, Processes and Technology, her Master 1 and bachelor's in chemical and petroleum engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Lebanese University, and the École Central de Nantes. Fatima started her research interest during her undergrad studies, where she completed her final year project titled "Lebanese Natural Gas Plant: A detailed Design Study." During her postgraduate program, Fatima developed more interest and passion for academic research in the areas of novel catalysis, nanomaterial characterization, and sustainable green technology. Recently, Fatima presented a scientific conference paper entitled 'D-Xylose Dehydration into 2-Furfuraldehyde Using Novel Zinc-Copper-Based Catalyst' at the international workshop on advanced materials, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.