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Maria Candeia Kuliakita Sakukuma, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Maria Candeia Kuliakita Sakukuma
Federal University of Bahia, Angola


Dr. Maria Candeia Kuliakita Sakukuma studied Chemistry at the Higher Institute of Education Sciences, Department of Exact Sciences, 230, Isced-Huíla, Lubango, Angola and graduated. She then joined the research group of Prof. Maurício Victor at Chemistry Institute, Federal University of Bahia, UFBA, in 2014, when received her MS and PhD degree in 2017 at the same institution. After one year postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Dr Steve Davies working about in Synthetic Methodolgy with Lithium Amide Conjugate Addition and Total Synthesis at the University of Oxford, UK she obtained the position of an Auxiliar Professor where work actually.