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Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina
Polytechnic Engineer School of Antananarivo University, Madagascar


Dr. Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina studied Chemistry at the Polytechnic Engineer School of Antananarivo University and graduated as Chemical Engineer in 1999. He then joined the research group of Prof. Michel Guisnet and Patrick Magnoux at the LACCO-UMR 6503–Poitiers University until getting the PhD degree of Applied Organic Chemistry on zeolite acid catalysis in 2003. After getting the Master’s degree of business administration at the IAE institute of Poitiers-University, he got the position of Assistant Professor at the Antananarivo Polytechnic Engineer School/Chemical Engineering department from 2008 where he has published 15 research articles in the American Journal of Applied Chemistry.