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Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Polytechnic Engineer School of Antananarivo University, Madagascar
Title : Trans Esterification with Methanol of Capscicum Chinenses Citric Acid Ester Solution Its Calcium Gel And Crystal Salts Synthesis


First, it will be presented in this communication the procedure, the experimental conditions and the results of the Capscicum chinense esterification with citric acid molecules catalysed by the protonic acid-H+ of these citric acid molecules. Then, these synthesized esters was valorised to calcium gels and crystals salts by adding calcium hydroxide. Indeed, a procedure of this valorisation was established deduced by an investigation of the reactions between the citric acid esters and calcium hydroxide and each equivalent products structure. The characterisations of the gels and crystals salts by the EDTA-0.01N complexometric titration procedure permitted not only to determine their calcium concentrations but also to realize that the synthesized structure -O-Ca-O- was stable. In addition, their titrations by the HF-0.0026N procedure permitted to confirm and to quantify their alkene organic function obtained by dehydration reaction catalysed by the protonic acid-H+ of citric acid molecules.

Second, seeing that this esterification with citric acid molecules permitted to extract the raw materials molecules, a trans-esterification with methanol of this citric acid ester solution followed by hexane and dichloromethane extraction procedures was established in order to analyse with high performance liquid chromatography-hplc the principal molecules of the raw material and its synthesized derivatives. In this case of Capscicum chinense as raw material, it was confirmed the presence of luteolin, capsaicinoïdes, quercetin and flavonoids, amines molecules with their derivatives obtained by trans-esterification with methanol of the Capscicum chinense’s citric acid esters solution.

Noticed that these previous studies contributed not only for the characterizations of the spices-raw material but also their valorization as spices’ citric acid esters calcium gels/crystals salts and as energy booster like our spicy product energy booster speb-pebe products.             

Audience take-away: 

  • Synthesis of raw materials’ citric acid esters solutions.
  • Valorization of raw materials’ citric acid esters to their equivalent calcium gels and crystals salts.
  • Trans-esterification with methanol of raw materials’ citric acid esters solutions followed by the extraction with dichloromethane and hexane of this previous trans-esterification products.
  • Analysis on high performance liquid chromatography-hplc of the Capscicum chinense’s (could be expanded to other raw materials’) dichloromethane extracted molecules and possible analysis on gas chromatography-cpg of its hexane-fatty acids and derivatives extracted molecules.
  • Spicy product energy booster / speb-pebe products.


Dr. Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina studied Chemistry at the Polytechnic Engineer School of Antananarivo University and graduated as Chemical Engineer in 1999. He then joined the research group of Prof. Michel Guisnet and Patrick Magnoux at the LACCO-UMR 6503–Poitiers University until getting the PhD degree of Applied Organic Chemistry on zeolite acid catalysis in 2003. After getting the Master’s degree of business administration at the IAE institute of Poitiers-University, he got the position of Assistant Professor at the Antananarivo Polytechnic Engineer School/Chemical Engineering department from 2008 where he has published 15 research articles in the American Journal of Applied Chemistry.