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Suleiman Bifari, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia
Title : Potential use of Algae from Red Sea in Bioremedation


Industrial pollution is an area of growing concern to legislators and the scientific community alike. In particular, organic pollutants present a real threat to human and wild-life, especially if they enter the food-chain. In the last two decades, there has been increasing interest on the use of bioremediation for removal of environmental pollutants. This study was undertaken to investigate the efficiency of four types of marine plants (micro-algae) in removing organic pollutants under different conditions. The study showed a significant reduction (up to 88%) in pollutants. In a related investigation, these species were also efficient in removing nitrogen oxides and ammonia from polluted water. Studies are continuing to fully characterize the structure of pollutants removed by these species and to find other applications of their usage in pollution reduction.

Audience Take Away:

  • The audience will appreciate the general benefits of using algae in pollution reduction.
  • The audience will be introduced to organisms from the Red Sea which are being used for phytoremediation for the first time.
  • This study will open the door for researchers in the field to collaborate. There maybe even a business opportunity in the application of these species in pollution control and green environment sustainability.


Dr. Suleiman Bifari holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering &Biological Technology (2005) from the King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. After working with the Saudi Ministry of Health for several years, Dr. Bifari was awarded a scholarship to pursue his doctoral studies. He joined the group of ProfessorMunetaka Ishikawa at Osaka University, Japan, in 2009 and graduated in 2013 with a PhD inEnvironmental Engineering. Dr. Bifari then joined the department of Environmental Engineering at the Royal Commission as a researcher and consultant. Currently, Dr. Bifari holds the position of Research Associate at the Jubail Research & Innovation ClusterHUB, Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia, where he is active in bioremediation research.