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Vinay Kumar Srivastava, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Department Of Chemistry D.S College, India
Title : Synthetic, Biological evaluation of Bis Tetrathiomolybdate compounds of Pt, Pd and Ni Ions


The Chemistry of compounds containing Transition metals bound to sulfur containing ligands has been actively studied. Interest in these compounds arises from the identification of the biological importance of Iron-sulfur containing proteins as well as the unusual behaviour of several types of synthetic metal-sulfur complexes. Metal Complexes (C6 H5 )4 P)2 Pt (Mos4 )2 , (C6 H5 )4 P)2 Pd (MoS4 )2 , (C6 H5 )4 P)2 Ni (MoS4 ) 2 of Bioinorganic relevance were investigated. The complexes [M(M’S4 )2 ]2- were prepared with high yield and purity as salts of the variety of organic cations. The diamagnetism and spectroscopic properties of these complexes confirmed that their structures are essentially equivalent with two bidentate M’S4 2 – ligands coordinated to the central d8 metal in a square planer geometry. The interaction of the complexes with CT-DNA was studied. Results showed that metal complexes increased DNA’s relative viscosity and quench the fluorescence intensity of EB bound to DNA. In antimicrobial activities all complexes showed good antimicrobial activity higher than ligand against gram positive, gram negative bacteria and Fungi. The antitumor properties have been tested in vitro against two tumor human cell lines, Hela (derived from cervical cancer) and MCF-7 (derived from breast cancer) using a metabolic activity tests. Result showed that the complexes are promising chemotherapeutic alternatives in the search of anticancer agents.


Dr V.K Srivastava received his M.Phil and Ph.D Degree from Institute of Basic Sciences Dr B.R Ambedkar university Agra After completing his PhD he joined RBS Engineering College Agra as Lecturer in Applied Chemistry and currently as Associate Professor (Inorganic Chemistry) in D.S College ,Aligarh, UP India His current area of Research expertise is focused on synthetic inorganic, Bioinorganic and Coordination chemistry of metal complexes.He has been recipient of several awards and honors few of them are like young scientist award, Best research paper award on tungsten chemistry, Award for excellence in research, Distinguished faculty award and Professor of the year( Biochemistry) 2018 etc. He has published numerous research papers in Journal of high repute and contributed to academic National and international conferences. He also published Book chapter and Books on Bioinorganic chemistry and Medical Bioinformatics springer publication.