HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.
Tamilla Naibova, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Azerbaijan
Title : Compositions on the basis of modified phenol-formaldehyde oligomers


In order to obtain desired properties of oligomers, modification process is used to change their structure and composition. In this matter, using traditional technology equipments and methods  is more suitable. Lately to eliminate deficiencies of known oligomers, the process of modification with compounds of different nature is broadly studied. It is not always possible to reach the properties given for the particular oligomer material during the synthesis of oligomer material in industrial conditions, moreover, these processes are not always economical enough. Therefore, the modification processes of traditional industrial oligomer are being investigated more intensively with the purpose of obtaining oligomer compositions on their base with the given properties. In solution of this problem, great attention is being given to oligomer materials on the base of phenol-formaldehyde oligomers having available wide raw material base and reactivity, heat-resistance, satisfactory dielectric properties and cake formation ability. However, this oligomer has a number of disadvantages: low molecular mass, high flow in uncured state, brittleness, presence of free phenol in the composition and so on.

Audience take-away:

  • The audience will learn about the modification process of phenol-formaldehyde oligomers with organic compounds and use this process in their research and teaching.
  • It is possible to eliminate the deficiency of phenol-formaldehyde oligomers using our modification process and most importantly, as a result, the amount of free phenol is decreased five times.
  • They will learn about obtaining environmentally friendly coating and adhesives using oligomers as a liaison and biopolymers as a filler. 
  • The obtained environmentally friendly compositions based on oligomers may be used in many different fields of the industry.


Dr. Naibova studied Chemical Engineering at the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute named M. Azizbayov, Azerbaijan and graduated as MS in 1973 and PhD in 1987. She joined the laboratory of “Protective coatings” at the Oil Engineering Institute of the All-Union Scientific research and worked there from 1973 to 1976. From 1976 to 1994, she worked as a senior laborant, laboratory assistant, assistant, senior teacher at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU). As of 1994, she has been working ASOIU as an associate professor. She is the author of 150 research articles, 25 patents, and 18 books and textbooks.