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Bhuvanasundari, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
IIT Madras, India
Title : Novel use of Aluminium Ferrite (AlFeO3), a magnetic material for photocatalytic wastewater treatment


Advanced oxidative processes based on visible light active photocatalysis are particularly promising for water treatment using solar energy. However, especially on large scale, the retrieval and recycling of semiconductor photocatalysts present formidable challenges. In this context, magnetic semiconductors that offer a means to achieve particle recovery, post-treatment is relevant. Herein a perovskite magnetic material, Aluminium Ferrite (AlFeO3) is systematically explored for water treatment.

Here, AlFeO3 is prepared by the co-precipitation method and followed by the heat treatment process to obtain phase pure powder. The structural property of the as-prepared sample studied with X-Ray Diffraction shows the orthogonal phase formation of AlFeO3. Further, the phase purity and lattice parameters were calculated from Rietveld refinement analysis. The sample was subjected to material characterizations such as SEM, BET to identify the size, morphology, and surface area of the particles respectively. The bandgap of the material was found to be 2.0 eV using UV-Vis DRS. This evidently shows photocatalytic activity at the visible light range.

The photocatalytic efficiency of the material is tested with degradation of Rhodamine B and Methyl Orange, hazardous cationic and anionic dyes using a Xenon lamp as the visible light (400-700 nm) source. The complete degradation of dye was observed in 180 minutes at static slurry condition. Then the photocatalyst separated using a bar magnet and the reusability of the material is tested. The obtained results show Aluminum ferrite is a promising material for textile wastewater treatment.

Audience take-away:

  • Advantage of perovskite metal oxide materials for photocatalytic application.
  • Learn about AlFeO3 synthesis and the feasibility of large-scale production.
  • Properties and photocatalytic efficiency of prepared AlFeO3 material.
  • The degradation of organic pollutants by AlFeO3 in wastewater treatment.


Ms. Bhuvanasundari is a Ph.D. student at IIT Madras, India. She graduated M.Sc. with a specialization in Material Science from Anna University, India. She joined the Applied Nanostructures Engineering and Nanochemistry (ANEN) research group of Dr. Tiju Thomas. Her area research includes materials engineering for photocatalysis, photocatalytic materials for wastewater treatment.