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Rupesh Hiraman Gaikwad, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Maharshi Dayanand College, India
Title : Advances in metal oxide and mixed metal oxide catalysis and their applications


Metal oxide catalysts are much more complicated than metal catalysts. The reason is that the cations of the metal atoms could exhibit a few different oxidation states on surface of the same catalyst particle or change of their oxidation states under different reactive environments. The complication of surface chemistry and structure of a metal oxide makes studies of surface of an oxide catalyst very challenging.

The present article contains the fundamentals of heterogeneous catalysis and a description of the main domains of heterogeneous catalysis in metal oxide and mixed metal oxide catalysts and also considers current and prospective major applications, where recent advances in the science of metal oxide catalysts have major economic and environmental impacts.

Metal oxides are utilized both for their acid–base and redox properties and constitute the largest family of catalysts in heterogeneous catalysis. A variety of metal oxide and mixed metal oxides (MMOs), containing alkali, alkaline, rare earth and noble metals, and their applications are presented.

Keywords: metal oxide catalysts; mixed metal oxide catalyst,  heterogeneous catalysis

Audience Take Away:

  • The presentation will help them to develop a faculty in the metal oxide catalysis and they can use the presentation as a base for the primary studies.
  • This presentation will help the participant to generate ideas which can be utilized in their respective fields. Even the researcher can explore the research on this foundation. Even the tailor-made design of the metal oxide can help in exploring applications in different areas where specific designs of the catalyst is required.


Dr. Rupesh H. Gaikwad, post graduated in Inorganic Chemistry in  2004 and after a stint in academic and industry for 2 years he  joined the research group of Dr. R. V. Jayaram, at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India and received PhD degree in 2014, while working on topic of nitrogen and phosphorous based extractants for nuclear fuel reprocessing.  Then in 2015 he joined as Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Maharshi Dayanand College, Mumbai, India. He is an executive committee member of National Centre for Science Communicators India, and delivered talks on science popularization amongst students and general public. He is appointed as member of Science World Encyclopedia, which will be written in regional ( Marathi) language , by Government of Maharashtra, India.