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Victor Cerda, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
University of the Balearic Island, Spain
Title : Automated in-chip catalytic spectrophotometric methods


The development of automatic analyzers based on flow techniques, like FIA, MSFIA, SIA, MPFS, etc., involves the use and continuous innovation of fluidic devices. The new trends go toward the miniaturization of sophisticated fluidic platforms, like chips, requiring continuous advances in this field. The availability of a mechanic and electronic workshop together with the know-how to build new 3D fluidic devices provides the tools for the creation of innovative instrumentation and stimulates the creativity of analytical chemists. In this contribution, we will present how to build and use new flow-based fluidic devices, together with the tools required, such as computerized controlled lathes, milling machines, laser engraver machines, low-temperature co-fired ceramics technology, and 3D printers, highlighting their strong and weak points. In addition, some flow-based methods exploiting innovative fluidic platforms applied in catalytic spectrophotometric methods are presented as a way of examples of the possible devices that these tools can provide and their potential applications.


Víctor Cerda, graduated and PhD in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona. Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry in 1982 at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). Has conducted 41 Ph.D. Thesis, written 14 books, and collaborated with 14 chapters in other scientific books. Has published 620 papers and presented 847 contributions in national and international symposia. His main research lines are related with the development of new automatic methods in Analytical Chemistry and their application to environmental and pharmaceutical samples. Has been organized more than 15 international symposia. Has been Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry.