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Adib Gareyev, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Bashkirs State University, Russian Federation
Title : Control theory of electric centrifugal pump in oil production


Equipment and technology for the development of offshore fields. Currently, oil and gas fields have been discovered on the shelves of 60 countries. More than 500 deposits are being developed off the coast of the United States, about 100 in the North Sea, and more than 40 in the Persian Gulf. Oil has been discovered and is being produced on the shelves of the World and Arctic Oceans. The development of offshore fields in the Arctic Ocean - where the environmental ecology is very fragile - is a complex technological process. Safe operation of an offshore field is possible only through automation of the entire operation process from the well to the oil gathering point. The existing information on the operation of electric centrifugal pumps in oil production has been empirical, compiled for pumping a homogeneous liquid like water. On the basis of such information, it was not possible to explain the complications that occur when pumping multi-phase mixtures, such as formation fluid. Therefore, my research was aimed at finding ways to automate the control of an electric centrifugal pump. In the course of the research, ways of modeling the behavior of multiphase mixtures under high pressure and temperature were developed, about 140 scientific articles were published on the thermodynamics of a centrifugal pump when pumping out multiphase mixtures, and a textbook for engineers was published. It was found that in order to automate the process of controlling a centrifugal pump, it is necessary to learn how to control a set of parameters depending on: characteristics of the centrifugal pump; properties of multiphase mixtures and; productive formation. The relationship of the three components of well operation is characterized by a set of parameters. In the course of the study, it was proved that the basis for automating the process of controlling the installation of an electric  centrifugal pump is its thermodynamic state. Based on the thermodynamic state, it is possible to exclude the process of salt deposition inside the centrifugal pump. I have shown that the prevention of a centrifugal pump in  order to remove salt deposits is not an effective method. No centrifugal pump treatments give a completely positive effect like centrifugal pump temperature control. By controlling the temperature of the centrifugal pump, salt deposits are simply eliminated. The temperature control of a centrifugal pump allows you to solve the problems of regulating the operating mode - in a constant or in a periodic mode. The intermittent operation of the centrifugal pump is also the temperature control of the centrifugal pump. It can be easily calculated and installed at the control station. By investigating the operating modes of a centrifugal pump, it is possible to completely eliminate failures associated with a decrease in the electrical resistance of the “cable-motor” system. To date, the share of these failures is approximately 25 - 27% of all failures. Experimental studies, pilot-industrial implementation of such devices at 180 units made it possible to eliminate such failures completely (100%) to increase the operating time of electric centrifugal pump units from 400 to 2600 days (before physical wear) both in constant and in periodic modes. A preliminary calculation shows that when automating the process of controlling a centrifugal pump, the cost of oil production is reduced to 38 - 42%. Thus, I created a manless technology for controlling the installation of an electric centrifugal pump, which is environmentally friendly, reduces the cost of oil production by up to 40%, while automatically performing studies of the process of oil inflow from a productive formation. Of course, the automatic installation of an electric centrifugal pump has no analogue in the world. The business of manufacturing and selling. 

Audience Take Away: 

  • The theory of control of an electric centrifugal pump in the production of oil was created
  • A theory of automation of the control process of an electric centrifugal pump has been created
  • Control theory excludes salt deposits in the cavity of the centrifugal pump
  • Control theory allows you to automatically study the potential of the well
  • Control theory allows you to create a fully automated oil field
  • The control theory allows you to automatically select any operating mode
  • Maximum oil production in the area
  • Mode with regulation of specific power consumption
  • Mode of exploitation of the deposit by separate blocks
  • A combination of continuous and intermittent operation
  • A combination of a mode with a constant or floating frequency of pump control.


Gareev Adib Akhmetnabievich - graduated in 1975 from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Bashkir State University. The field of specialty is physics. In 2011 he became a candidate of technical sciences. Works in the field of operation of oil wells with electric centrifugal pumps. About 140 scientific articles on oil wells operation have been published, 8 invention patents have been received, 2 monographs have been written on modern problems of centrifugal pumps operation. A patent for an invention on the automation of control of electric centrifugal pumps has been received in Russia, in China, Taiwan.