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Hagsoo Kim, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Kyungpook National University, Korea, Republic of
Title : Development of air-stable oxysulfide-based solid electrolytes green technology


Along with the recent rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, the performance improvement of commercialized lithium rechargeable batteries for miniaturization, lightweight and high performance, that is, high safety, high energy density and rapid charging (high c-rate), etc. are also increasing. To improve the safety, energy density and high-rate characteristics of electric vehicles, many R&D groups are concentrating on developing next-generation all-solid-state batteries, and we are working on development source technology to secure manufacturing technology (Green Chemistry) for sulfide-based solid electrolytes, which are core materials (air-stable sulfide solid electrolytes). To commercialize a sulfide-based solid electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and atmospheric stability, synthetic procedure optimization, cost down, interface stability, and composite sheet technology development This is essential, and battery manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into optimizing all-solid-state battery systems. At this conference, a presentation will be made on the manufacturing technology and electrochemical properties of oxysulfide-based sulfide-based solid electrolytes with high ionic conductivity and air stability, which are being studied for commercialization of all-solid-state batteries.

Audience Take Away: 

  • The audience can obtain new application methods by understanding of Manufacturing Technology (Green Chemistry) of air-stable sulfide solid electrolytes.
  • If the audience interest in solid electrolyte system for energy devices, they can obtain new Green Technology Process.
  • If other faculty hope to expand their research, they can obtain solid electrolyte field of energy devices.


Dr. HS KIM studied Material Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology, received his PhD degree in 2010. Over 25 year’s experiences in Battery Business ranged from core materials synthesis, cell design, battery development with key customers that is, SDI, LGC, SKI & China battery companies since 1995. He achieved not only technical but also successful business experiences in Li batteries with management as Director (Battery Lab Manager & Technology Expert), is leading commercialization from research, development of new materials & conversion devices for energy. Also, actively cooperation with SDI, LGC, SKI R&D Team regarding battery development projects with Government Projects.