HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.
Gangaraju Gedda, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Presidency University, India
Title : Green synthesis of metal/carbon dot nanocomposites for environmental remediation


For environmental remediation, treatment of water is an enormous challenge and a vast number of methods have been investigated for their ability to remove toxic chemicals and species from polluted water. However, the research still continues to find the best strategy for effective water treatment. As an alternative to conventional methods, nanomaterials assisted photocatalyst can provide new opportunities for coping with this challenge by photo degradation of pollutants. Among the various kind of nanomaterials based photocatalyst, metal carbon dot nanocomposites due to their water solubility, significant band gap and band energy, effective light absorption, nano size, high surface to volume ration. Moreover, the synthesis of this nanocomposite not only simple, economical, eco-friendly but also doesn’t require any additional reducing, protecting and capping agents. All these assets make them remarkable material for effective removal of various kind organic pollutants, dyes, inorganic pollutants and pathogens. Here, initially we disused about various kind of water pollutant and their impact on environment and human health. Advantages and limitation of various tradition method for environmental water treatment. We also discussed about photocatalysis mechanism and various kind of photocatalysts with advantages and limitation. Next, we discussed origin, back ground and importance of carbon dots in the development of nanoscience and technology. Fallowed by role of carbon dots in the preparation of metal carbon dot nanocomposite and properties. Next, we discussed mechanism and advantages of carbon dot nanocomposites towards degradation of various kind of organic pollutants. Finally, we discussed future perspectives of metal carbon dot nanocomposite in Health care and other environmental Applications.
Audience Take Away: 

  • Participants will understand current trends and future perspectives of water remedies using Photocatalysis.
  • It will create a plat form to produce nanocomposite by green synthesis.
  • Research can expand their research by using this plat form various applications


Dr. Gangaraju Gedda has completed his M.Sc. from JNTU-Hyderabad, India and Ph.D. from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. Followed by Postdoctoral fellowship from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Currently, he is working as the Associate Professor of Chemistry at Presidency University, Bangalore, India. He has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals and 6 book chapters. His total google citation are 1090 with h index 18 and i10 index 22. He also serving as an Editorial Board member for various international journals. His, Current research work is focusing on development of green nanotechnology for therapeutic applications.