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Kilivelu Ganesan, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Presidency college, India
Title : Non-toxic, inexpensive and recyclable second-generation ionic liquids as a catalyst for one pot multicomponent organic reactions


Ionic liquids played a crucial role in replacing toxic organic solvents due to its special properties such as high conductivities, inflammability, chemically inert nature, lesser toxicity, more stability even at high temperature and very low pressure. Flexible di/trimeric substituted imidazolium salts are prepared under conventional/solvent free silica supported approach. Solid supported approach has lot of advantages than the conventional method such as environment friendly, higher yield, shorter reaction time and easy workup procedure1. The antimicrobial screening of various ionic liquids with different anions against clinically important human pathogens. Antibacterial screening of water-soluble imidazolium salts against Gram positive / Gram negative pathogens under disc diffusion and MIC methods. Host-guest interactions were studied between synthesized ionic liquids and human pathogenic bacteria via hydrogen bonding and Vander walls interaction under Docking studies.

Audience Take Away: 

  • Researchers could minimize the toxic solvent during their synthesis
  • Target molecules are obtained from shortest synthetic approach
  • Our approach has more merits than the conventional method so future researchers will follow
  • Purification techniques are completely avoided during our current research
  • Efficiency of recycled catalyst found to be very interesting


Prof. K. Ganesan received his Ph.D., degree in dendrimer chemistry from University of Madras, India. He has joined postdoctoral research associate at National Chaio-Tung University, Taiwan in combinatorial medicinal research group, then moved to University of Malaya, Malaysia as postdoctoral research associate in ionic liquids research group. Currently he is working as an assistant professor chemistry in the Presidency college, India which has been fifth place national level and first place in state level college ranked by NIRF 2020. Current research area of ionic liquids, catalysis and bio-organic chemistry. He has received Best Teacher award 2019 from PARE FOUNDATION; Outstanding Faculty in Science 2019 received from Venus International Foundation and Prestigious innovative research development and publishers (IRDP) award 2018 for teaching and research excellence national award.