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Debjani Nag, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Tata Steel, India
Title : Role of catalyst in metallurgical industry


In present day, around 70% of the steel is produced through blast furnace (BF)/basic oxygen furnace (BOF) process. In this process iron oxide is reduced primarily by using carbon which essentially generates carbon dioxide. Over the years several technological interventions have substantially improved the performance of the process still the carbon requirement is substantial. In Indian context for production of 1 ton of crude steel through BF-BOF route, typically 2.5 ton carbon dioxide is produced. In Tata Steel India BF-BOF route is the most prominent process for steel production. Tata Steel has ambitious target to become net – neutral by the year 2045. Carbon direct avoidance and carbon capture and utilisation are the two folds approach Tata Steel has taken to reduce the overall carbon footprint reduction. In carbon direct avoidance, hydrogen will be used for reductant.  Production of high volume of hydrogen at affordable price and also development of useful chemicals from captured carbon dioxide is the key.  Catalyst can play a crucial role in capture and utilisation of CO2 and also production of affordable green hydrogen. Catalyst also needs to play a role to improve the process efficiency specially to reduce the reaction temperature of different metallurgical reaction which in turn save energy and reduce carbon footprint. This presentation will discuss about the problem faced by steel industry and how catalyst can help to mitigate those problems.

Audience Take Away: 

  • Understanding of importance of catalyst in metallurgical industry
  • It can open new ideas of catalyst development keeping industrial problems in mind
  • Challenge for all catalyst chemist


Dr. Debjani Nag, joined R&D, Tata Steel in 2008 after completing M.S in chemical engineering from IIT, Bombay. Subsequently, she completed her doctoral study from IIT-ISM. Her research interests are- advanced characterization of coal and coke, carbonisation, utilization of non-coking coal, different pre-carbonization techniques in coke making, catalyst development for sustainability and process improvement. She has published more than 30 nos. of research papers in reputed journals and also has over 28 patents