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Grigory Korablev, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Russian Federation
Title : Unity and correlations of entropic components in physical and chemical regularities


All phenomena and processes in the nature and world proceed only in two energy directions: either along the force field gradient with minimum energy input (entropy) or against the gradient with maximum energy input (negentropy). The graphs of S-curves and their nomograms characterize the dynamics of change in entropic components depending on the process main parameters. The condition of the system stationary state is the equality or constant of the correlation between its entropy and negentropy (equilibrium dynamics). Such regularities are found in many phenomena and conformational interactions in physical chemistry, nature, engineering and even economics. The examples of their functional contribution are given.

Audience Take Away: 

  • All phenomena and processes in nature and in the world go only in two energy directions.
  • Graphs of S-curves and their nomograms characterize the dynamics of changes in entropy components depending on the main parameters of the process.
  • The condition for the stationary state of the system is the equality or constant value of the ratio of its entropy and negentropy (equilibrium dynamics).
  • From the standpoint of these ideas, physiotherapy and reflexology can be considered as a technique for equalizing the potentials of two manifestations of energy principles, which, according to modern concepts, are entropy and negentropy.
  • The established entropy principles manifest themselves in many ways both in nature and in technology, and can be effectively used.
  • Since these regularities are unknown to the general scientific community, their application in practice is clearly insufficient.
  • It is necessary to take into account these principles in the technology of preparing hybrid products consisting of two or more components (or fractions).
  • This methodology is of particular importance in materials science.  For example, when alloying steel.
  • Using this entropy technique and its nomogram, it is possible to evaluate the processes of isomorphism and the formation of solid solutions in simple and complex systems.
  • In a general sense, the entropy methodology provides the basic basis for physical and chemical laws in all major scientific areas.


For many years he worked as the head of the department of physics at the Izhevsk State Medical Institute, then became the head of the department of physics at the Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy. During this time he published more than 300 scientific articles, more than 80 of them in English in Europe, the USA and India. He has the title Honored Worker of Science. Scientific works are devoted to chemical physics.