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Venko Beschkov, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Title : Energy production by integrated adsorption and catalysis in fuel cells – the case of hydrogen sulfide


The present study proposes integrated approach for sulfide removal based on combination of chemisorption on electro-conductive sorbent and the consecutive regeneration of the sorbent using sulfide driven fuel cell where the electro-conductive sorbent serves as anode with the simultaneous catalytical sulfide oxidation to sulfite and sulfate thus restoring the sorption capacity of the anode. In the meantime, electricity is generated to meet the energy demand of the facility. The benefit of this approach is double. First, the wastewater containing sulfide is cleaned converting sulfide to sulfate generating energy.Next, the sulfide is concentrated on the electro-conductive sorbent with the consequent catalytic oxidation to sulfate and thus to regenerate the sorbent. The straight use of sulfide as well as the other reductors in a waste stream in a fuel cell is also available for simultaneous wastewater treatment with energy production. The experiments were caried out on industrial wastewater, i.e. stillage from ethanol distillation. Oxides of heavy metals were used as sorbent and catalysts. Complete removal of sulfide was attained.


Venko Beschkov, Ph.D. was born in 1946 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has got his Ph.D. in 1978 and his DSc degree in 1996 in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His present interests are chemical and biochemical processes for environment protection and for utilization of renewable energy sources. He participates in 30 scientific projects and in 18 applied ones. He published over 210 scientific papers, 2 monographs and 10 chapters in selected issues. He has been Head of the Institute of Chemical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for 21 years (1993/2014) and deputy-minister of environment (1991/92).