HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.
Jane Mueller, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Almac, United Kingdom
Title : IN Silico Informed metaGenomic Harvesting Technology-(INSIGHT) - How a smart platform can accelerate the timelines of genes-to-GMP


Biocatalysis is a key enabling technology towards more sustainable and efficient GMP manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The processes involved in traditional enzyme selection and screening can be resource heavy and limited to publicly available sequenced genomes. Almac’s newly developed INSIGHT platform streamlines enzyme discovery, engineering and development by combining metagenomic and bioinformatic enzyme discovery, high throughput screening, in silico enzyme engineering and machine learning. INSIGHT enables Almac to accelerate the development of enzymes to the specific conditions of industrial processes (high substrate loadings and high catalytic efficiency) for the efficient synthesis of chemical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). To accelerate development from “genes-to-GMP” Almac integrates enzyme gene library synthesis into INSIGHT’s multi-level enzyme engineering platform which will shorten timelines and make enzyme engineering more affordable. This presentation will showcase a number of selected examples of the benefits of INSIGHT. It will highlight the stages of INSIGHT from the discovery of novel bulky-bulky Carbonyl Reductases (CREDs) from Almac’s very own metagenomes with superior properties and take the audience through the accelerated engineering of cosubstrate stability in Transaminases that enabled reaction completion. It will also show an example of expression enhancement for a monooxygenase that ensured economic viability of the investigated biotransformation.


Dr. Jane Mueller is Technical Leader within Almac’s Biocatalysis group. After obtaining a degree in Chemistry Jane obtained her PhD in Biocatalysis in 2011 from Technical University Berlin. She is one of many international staff, enriching Almac’s scientific community. Jane’s career has focussed on enzyme engineering, production and screening. She has carried out projects, which went from initial screening hit to mg, g and kg scale. She joined Almac’s Biocatalysis group in 2012 with expertise in Organic Chemistry as well as Analytics and Biotechnology.