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Janusz Lasek, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology, Poland
Title : Simultaneous removal of VOC and NOx from air in photo-catalytic process using a pilot-scale photo-reactor


The purification of air from nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2 as NOx) and volatile organic compounds, VOCs, is a crucial environmental task due to the negative influence of these compounds on human health. The air purification can be realized in the photo-catalytic process. This contribution presents the experience of photo-catalytic air purification from VOC (i.e. acetone, toluene, propane and butane) and NOx using a continuous flow pilot-scale photo-reactor. The annular type reactor (diameter of 100 mm and 80 mm, length of 1120 mm, flow rate of 50-5000 L/h of air) was combined with a pilot-scale room with dimensions of 4 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in height. The experimental investigation results are discussed in terms of process parameters (i.e. compound type, concentration and light irradiation) and removal efficiency The optimal NOx removal efficiency reached 100%, and the optimal acetone removal was approximately 85%. The optimal toluene removal rate approached nearly 100%, while propane, due to its stable structure, exhibited a removal of only 5-10%. This research was investigated under the Polish-Taiwanese/Taiwanese-Polish Joint Research Project entitled “Photo-catalytic and temperature-assisted air purification from VOC and NOx using a pilot-scale photo-reactor” (Photo-PURE); grant number PL-TW/VIII/2/2021 and grant number MOST 110-2923-E-002-010-MY3. The authors gratefully acknowledge the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) and the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland).

Audience Takeaway Notes: 

  • This presentation concerns a pilot-scale photo-catalytic air purification. Thus, this research has a practical approach and can be beneficial in the design of photo-catalytic purification systems.


Janusz Lasek studied Metallurgy at the Silesian University of Technology (SUT), Poland, graduated as MS in 2004 and received his PhD degree in 2009 at the same institution. After one year postdoctoral fellowship at National Taiwan University, Taiwan, he obtained the position of Adjunct at the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal. He received his Habilitation (DSc.) degree in 2020 at the SUT, and obtained the position of an Associate Professor at the Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology. He has published more than 40 research articles in SCI(E) journals. Field: photocatalytic NOx removal, thermal processing of solid fuels.