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Fatemehsadat Mirmohammadmakkio, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Walnut shell, an essential agricultural-horticultural byproduct, serves as an effective bio-absorbent for heavy metals in water


Walnut shells, an essential agricultural-horticultural byproduct, effectively absorb heavy metals from water, which is crucial for public health due to the toxicity of these metals. Given their unique properties, walnut shells offer an environmentally friendly solution for metal removal. Industrial and agricultural activities have widely dispersed heavy metals, contaminating the environment and the human food chain. Bio-absorbents provide a cost-effective method for extracting these metals. This study explored the potential of walnut shells to adsorb heavy metals from polluted water. Walnut shells were collected in autumn 2023 from Fars province in Iran, and the concentrations of various heavy metals were analyzed using ICP-MASS. The shells were examined for their adsorption capacity in a batch system, considering factors such as contact time, absorbent quantity, and particle size. The study found that increasing the dose of walnut shells and extending contact time significantly enhanced heavy metal adsorption. Walnut shells demonstrated a high capacity for accumulating heavy metals, effectively reducing water contamination.


Dr. Fatemeh studied Agricultural Engineering - Food Science and Industry at Islamic Azad University Pharmaceutical Branch at the Islamic Azad University, Iran, and graduated with an MS in 2014. She then joined the research group in the Islamic Azad University Pharmaceutical Branch. She received her PhD degree in 2021 in Food industrial engineering and science - Food Chemistry” at Islamic Azad University Sciences and Research. She has done research on agricultural products, edible oils, and extracts.  She obtained the position of Lecturer at the Islamic Azad University, Sciences and Research. She has joined more than 50 national and international conferences. She has published more than 10 research articles in SCI(E) journals.)