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Thomas J J Muller, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Thomas J J Muller, Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf, Germany

One-pot reactions, if conducted in a consecutive, sequential or domino fashion, promise a highly efficient and efficacious synthetic access to many functional molecules of interest. In particular, heterocyclic systems are interesting due to their vast spectrum of applications. Tr [....] » Read More

Venko Beschkov, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Venko Beschkov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Hydrogen sulfide is met in different natural sources, like the deep waters of the Black Sea, some closed water ponds, natural springs of mineral water, etc. It is also present in some effluents at oil processing by de-sulfurization. A straightforward method to remove hydrogen sul [....] » Read More

Edward Lee Ruff, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Edward Lee Ruff, York University, Canada

The photochemical valence isomerization of 1,3-butadienes give bicyclobutane 1(X=CH2). The stereochemistry of these strained products in substituted derivatives suggest a double disrotatory ring cyclization originating from the second excited state of the diene.. The oxygen analo [....] » Read More

Yury S Nechaev, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Yury S Nechaev, Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Russian Federation

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Md Nurul Islam Siddique, Speaker at Chemical Engineering conferences
Oral Presentation
Md Nurul Islam Siddique, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

The rise in demand for organisms pulled in by anaerobic digestion might be due to the simultaneous digestion of many substrates. Supplements' effects on the co-digestion of growth substrates were investigated in this study. In three phases, 37 °C, 40 °C, and 50 °C [....] » Read More

Victor Cerda, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Victor Cerda, University of the Balearic Island, Spain

A review of different analytical methods, from classical up to current automatic kinectic-catalytic methods using chip systems, will be presented Background of the kinetic methods of analysis. How to use the different kinetic-catalytic methods: fixed time, fixed measure and init [....] » Read More

Andrea Czompa, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Andrea Czompa, Semmelweis University, Hungary

Several efforts were taken to carry out cross-coupling reaction under green and sustainable conditions. The Pd-catalysed cross-coupling of three iodo-heterocyclic compounds with different boronic acids will be discussed under Suzuki-Miyaura reaction conditions, in a green solvent [....] » Read More

Bruno Mattia Bizzarri, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Bruno Mattia Bizzarri, University of Tuscia, Italy

Amino imidazole carbonitrile derivatives decorated with a-amino acid side-chains have been synthesized by a multicomponent microwave assisted reaction inspired by the prebiotic chemistry of aminomalononitrile as a tool for generating high chemical diversity. These compounds were [....] » Read More

Mohamed Ezeldin Abdalla Osman, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Mohamed Ezeldin Abdalla Osman, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation

Catalytic conversion of synthesis gas to higher alcohols has received tremendous interest due to the generation of environmentally benign octane boosters and alternative fuels to supplement the diminishing supply of the world’s finite fossil fuel reserves. K–modified [....] » Read More

Elisabete Alegria, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Elisabete Alegria, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Portugal

In this work, the vanadium(V) complexes bearing the aroylhydrazone Schiff base 2-hydroxy-N'-((2-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl)methylene)benzohydrazide ligand, [VO(OMe)L] (1) and [Et3NH][VO2L] (2) were synthesized, characterized and supported on porous MIL-100(Fe) MOF via an impregna [....] » Read More

Rupesh Hiraman Gaikwad, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Rupesh Hiraman Gaikwad, Maharshi Dayanand College, India

Metal oxide catalysts are much more complicated than metal catalysts. The reason is that the cations of the metal atoms could exhibit a few different oxidation states on surface of the same catalyst particle or change of their oxidation states under different reactive environment [....] » Read More

Sujoy Bandyopadhyay, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sujoy Bandyopadhyay, Indrashil University, India

Starting from the grand old activated charcoal to zeolites, porous materials have been utilized for environmental and technological benefits for mankind. Of late, porous organic polymers (POPs) have emerged as a new class of functional materials with applications ranging from gas [....] » Read More

Mridusmita Barooah, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Mridusmita Barooah, National Institute of Technology, India

Contemporary advances in materials development associated to the gas separation technology refers to the cost-effective fabrication of high performing defect free mixed matrix membranes. Being proven to be effective for cleaner energy production, natural gas purification and CO2 [....] » Read More

Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Rabeharitsara Andry Tahina, Polytechnic Engineer School of Antananarivo University, Madagascar

First, it will be presented in this communication the procedure, the experimental conditions and the results of the Capscicum chinense esterification with citric acid molecules catalysed by the protonic acid-H+ of these citric acid molecules. Then, these synthesized esters was va [....] » Read More

Yuto Nakano, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Yuto Nakano, National Institute of Technology, Oyama College, Japan

Industrial laccase-catalyzed oxidation of the miscible substrates consisting of aniline and p-aminodiphenylamine (PADPA) in the presence of vesicles from sodium bis (2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate (AOT) as templates was multilaterally investigated. Reaction products with their kine [....] » Read More

Yakha Vissurkhanova, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Poster Presentation
Yakha Vissurkhanova, E. A. Buketov Karaganda University, Kazakhstan

This paper describes the results of the investigation on the ability of copper(II) ferrite (CuFe2O4) to reduction in an electrochemical system with the formation of Fe-Cu composites. The effect of a polymer stabilizer (polyvinyl alcohol, PVA) on structural and phase changes in Cu [....] » Read More

Anna M Kisiela Czajka, Speaker at Green Chemistry and Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Anna M Kisiela Czajka, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

The thermal conversion of fossil solid fuels, car tires, biomass, or sewage sludge leads to significant amounts of waste, for which developing a direction for safe disposal can be a complex issue. This group is characterized above all by a high concentration of carbon in its chem [....] » Read More

Alexander Demirov, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Alexander Demirov, National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Russian Federation

Hematite (α-Fe2O3) is a promising material for photoanode. However, it has a few drawbacks as low concentration of charge carriers and low OER kinetic. These disadvantages fix by morphology control and doping. The study is dedicated to the photoelectrochemical behavior o [....] » Read More

Shabanova Chimnaz Mamed, Speaker at Green Chemistry and Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Shabanova Chimnaz Mamed, Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Azerbaijan

Paper presents the results of modeling the optimal regime of the electrodeposition process of the antimony-selenium system Sb–Se. Based on the experimental data, a regression model was built using the BoxBenkinD module of the Matlab-7 software. The regression equation Y = f [....] » Read More

Osman Adiguzel, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Osman Adiguzel, Firat University, Turkey

Some materials take place in class of smart materials with adaptive properties and   stimulus response to the external changes. Shape memory alloys take place in this group by exhibiting dual thermoelastic and Superelastic characteristics. These alloys have shape revers [....] » Read More

Tokeer Ahmad, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Tokeer Ahmad, Jamia Millia Islamia, India

Multifunctional nanostructures find the possibility for their applications in water splitting processes for hydrogen generation as a renewable source of green energy. Fe3O4 nanocubes were prepared in one pot process for the electrochemical water splitting and supercapacitor appli [....] » Read More

Alexander G Ramm, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Alexander G Ramm, Kansas State University, United States

The Navier-Stokes  problem in R3  consists of solving the equations: v0 + (v, ∇)v = −∇p + ν ?v + f,   x ∈ R3 ,  t ≥ 0,    ∇ · v = 0,    v(x, 0) = v0(x), wher [....] » Read More

Anne M Gaffney, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Anne M Gaffney, University of South Carolina, United States

A series of Ag-based catalysts were studied for direct PO epoxidation with O2 as the oxidant. Ag supported on CaCO3 and α-Al2O3 were prepared as base materials to study. Promoters (K+, Cs+, Mo) and feed additives (EtCl, NO, CO2) were added to the catalyst and feed stream, r [....] » Read More

Laszlo Kollar, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Laszlo Kollar, University of Pecs, Hungary

There are several ways of introducing acyl functionality into simple model compounds or skeletons of practical importance. The application of conventional acylating agents is well known and is referenced in reviews, handbooks and even textbooks. Since the discovery of the aminoca [....] » Read More

Dai Yeun Jeong, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Dai Yeun Jeong, Jeju National University, Korea, Republic of

There are four major agents responding to climate change at a national or local level. They are government, enterprises, citizens and civil organizations. Government responds to climate change by establishing policies, enterprises by green management for improving eco-efficiency [....] » Read More

Ying Lung Steve Tse, Speaker at Green Chemistry and Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ying Lung Steve Tse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are widely used to understand different chemical and physical processes on molecular scales. The accuracy of an MD simulation depends critically on the force field, which describes the interactions between the particles and is the “heart& [....] » Read More

Madalina Ivanovici , Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Madalina Ivanovici , National Institute for Research and Development in Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter, Romania

In recent decades, much effort has been made to develop nanostructures inorganic having a desired morphology, size, crystallinity and functionality. These nanostructures are widely used in applications such as electronics, materials with optical properties, energy storage and tra [....] » Read More

Argam Akopyan, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Argam Akopyan, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation

We will present a new type of high-performance catalyst for aerobic oxidation of organosulfur compounds based on tungsten carbide. The synthesis of tungsten carbide was carried out using microwave irradiation, which makes it possible to obtain a catalyst just in 15 minutes. The s [....] » Read More

Beatriz Valle Pascual, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Beatriz Valle Pascual, University of the Basque Country, Spain

The depletion of petroleum reserves and stricter environmental policies urge the search for sustainable and renewable energy sources to meet the growing global energy demand. In this scenario, lignocellulosic biomass is a renewable resource, whose valorization has attracted signi [....] » Read More

Orlando Elguera, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Orlando Elguera, University of Sao Paulo, Peru

This study is aimed to review the topics of chemical engineering to take in consideration for the scaling-up of reactors, in order to perform processes based on the application of the sonochemistry at industrial level. Sonochemistry is an emergent technology, defined as chemistry [....] » Read More

Fernanda Amaral de Siqueira, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Fernanda Amaral de Siqueira, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Enantiomerically pure amines are important building blocks for the synthesis of molecules with potential biological activity and are employed as essential intermediary to chemistry, pharmaceuticals and agrochemistry industries. Dynamic Kinetic Resolution (DKR) has been a method l [....] » Read More

Devalina Ray, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Devalina Ray, Amity University, India

A novel and simple transition metal-free protocol for expedient C–H functionalization leading exclusively to the regioselective generation of C-5 chalcogenated 8-aminoquinoline analogues in up to 90% yield at room temperature (25 °C) has been demonstrated. This methodol [....] » Read More

Ashanendu Mandal, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ashanendu Mandal, University of Calcutta, India

Phenol being toxic in nature needs to be removed from wastewater before its surface discharge. This research aims for removal of phenol using four biological waste adsorbents guava tree bark, rice husk, neem leaves, activated carbon from coconut coir and four industrial waste ads [....] » Read More

Manas Ranjan Senapati, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Manas Ranjan Senapati, Trident Academy of Technology, India

The concept of biofuel was introduced in 1885 when Dr. Rudolf Diesel built the first diesel engine with the intention of running it on vegetative origin. He displayed his engine for the first time at the Paris show of 1900 and astounded everyone when he ran the patented engine on [....] » Read More