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Catalysis for Energy

Energy availability is a key element of today's world, but energy must be transformed into usable form, whether it comes from fossil fuels or renewable (perennial) sources. Catalysis is crucial in driving both possibilities and mitigating related environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Most activities in catalysis for solar fuels are now limited to H2 production, which is an essential field for catalysis. For both direct alcohol fuel cells and SOFCs (solid oxide fuel cells), there is a need to produce more active and stable catalysts that do not contain rare materials. There is also a need to conceptualize novel catalysts based on easily accessible and inexpensive metals or nanocarbons. As a result, energy-related catalysis helps to identify novel solutions to societal problems and to build a more sustainable future.

  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Green energy and efficiency

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