Environmental Catalysis

The rapid growth of environmental catalysis in recent years has been fuelled by the ever-increasing levels of pollutants in the environment. Environmental catalysis is a multidisciplinary research subject to which an increasing number of chemists, materials scientists, and environmentalists have dedicated their attention due to its promising potential for enhancing human health and quality of life. Because of its numerous applications in carbon dioxide reduction, oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), removal of aqueous organic contaminants and disinfection, and water splitting, photocatalysis remains a research focus for the environmental catalysis community. Environmental Catalysis combines analysis, theory, computation and synthesis to enable the most cutting-edge applications in biocatalysis, green chemistry, environmental remediation, and our understanding of how pollutants interact with natural systems.

  • Environmental pollution & Global warming
  • Environmental chemistry and sustainability
  • Pollution prevention, control and environmental safety
  • Air and water depollution processes
  • Energy issues and climate change

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