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Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is the application of a set of principles in the design, manufacture, and application of chemical products to decrease or eliminate the use or synthesis of hazardous compounds. Green chemistry, which has been around for nearly two decades, has garnered considerable attention. It highlights academic and industry efforts to address the difficulties of chemical industry sustainability, and it shows that progress is being achieved in both academia and industry. Synthesis, solvents, catalysis, raw materials, products, and efficient procedures are all covered by green chemistry, which is a multidisciplinary field. Green chemistry's development and application will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our society's long-term sustainability.

  • Trends in Green Chemistry
  • Green chemistry & Engineering metrics
  • Benefits of Green Chemistry
  • Green synthesis and Green catalysis
  • Research systems on Green Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry-Catalyst compatibility
  • Green chemical solvents
  • Aromatic and non-aromatic Green Chemistry
  • Green manufacturing processes
  • Synthetic techniques of Green Chemistry
  • Future of Green Chemistry
  • Ultrasound assisted Green Technology

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