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Mahdieh asgari Bajgirani, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Lorestan University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Fast and easily production of carbon quantum dots by combustion method and using the products for increasing elasticity as polymer additive


Carbon dots (CDs) are a new type of carbon-based material that has exceptional physicochemical properties, due to which they are widely used in the fields of material science, environmental cleanup, and medicine and have caught global attention in the last decade. Since the size distribution of CDs plays a major role in determining their fluorescence properties and toxicity, the inadequate size distribution of CDs can be one of the reasons for their limitations in certain bio applications, especially in vivo, inexpensive nature while generally producing nontoxic by-products and uniform particle sizes, offering CDs with excellent optical properties and high quantum yields. Several synthesis methods of C-dots are being reported till now but they are still simple and high yields remain a challenge to their large-scale preparations. In the future, C-dots will be potential candidates for targeted drug delivery applications as drug carriers because of their biocompatible nature and nontoxic effects and they will also potentially be used in the agricultural industries, they could be made more effective and specific by surface functionalization. In this research, a simple combustion method is used for fast synthesis of CDs. Different organic solvents were used as carbon source and carbon soot was collected by a collecting surface such as aluminum and glass. The products were characterized by different methods. Results indicated that this method is very effective in synthesis of CDs with very narrow particle size distribution range. Finally, the products were used as additive for promoting elastic property of polyurethane polymer. Results of Tensile test indicated that adding CDs with 0.1 to 0.5 w% can increase the elasticity of polyurethane obviously.

 Audience Take Away:

  • 1- I'll be introducing a quick and efficient way to make carbon dots in my talk.
  • 2- The fact that the generated particles are monodisperse and have a narrow range of particle sizes is another significant advantage of this process.
  • 3- It is easy to see how structural energy affects the size of created CDs. We'll talk about various CD characterization techniques.
  •  Audiences can use the presenting procedure for fast and easy synthesis of CDs. Because CDs have a wide range of applications, audiences can choose the best starting material for CD synthesis based on their preferences.
  •  Because the resultant products are monodisperse and have a close particle size, they can be used in many applications with exact calculations.
  • On the other hand, this method is able to produce CDs on a pilot scale, which helps to extend its application for industrial scales


Mahdieh Asgari Bajgirani received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Payam Noor University in Isfahan in 2013. In 2019, she received a master's degree in physical chemistry from Kashan University in Iran. From 2019 until now, she is studying for a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Lorestan University in Iran. She also has several catalytic and theoretical articles