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Abbas N Alshirifi, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
University of Babylon College of Science, Iraq
Title : Extraction of rhenium from aqueous solution by poly dibenzo-18-crown 6,kinetic and thermodynamic studies


The extraction of Rhenium as Perrhenate ( ReO4-) from an aqueous solution of alkali metals
hydroxides and alkaline earth metals chlorides by swelled Poly Dibenzo-18-Crown6 (PDB18C6) has been
studied. The extraction selectivity of PDB18C6 toward of rhenium from aqueous solutions of alkali metals
hydroxides and alkaline earth metals chlorides were found to be in order K+ > Cs+ > Rb+ > Na+ > Li+ and
Ba2+> Mg2+ > Ca2+ > Sr2+ respectively . Kinetic of the extraction system of ReO4- from each individual
aqueous solution of alkali metal hydroxide by swelled PDB18C6 was investigated using the batch method,
sorption rate of ReO4- with PDB18C6 was studied as a function of shaking time and temperature.

Audience take Away:

  • The audience learns how can be extracted of the micro amount of Rhenium as Perrhenate from aqueous solutions.
  • This research is useful for the dynamic and thermodynamic studies for the selective extraction and purification of Rhenium as Perrhenate from the macrocyclic compound, which can be used in many industries, such as uses have good resistance to corrosion and rust, and it is generally used as a material for electrical connection.
  • This research is useful for other faculty to expand their research or teaching by developing this method to separate other elements such as Uranium, Yttrium…etc.
  • Yes thought a designed a small plant containing a PBD18C6 column to select the separation of perrhenate ions from other interfering ions.


Dr. Abbas Alshirifi studied Chemistry at the Baghdad University, College of Science - IRAQ, and graduated with an MS in 1992 from Baghdad University College of Science. Then he joined as a member staff of the College of the Science University of Babylon, Department of Analytical Chemistry( BSc ). He received his Ph.D. degree in 1996 at the same institution. After three years obtained an Assistant professor and professor in analytical chemistry since 2004. He is teaching B.SC, M.SC., and Ph.D. students .position of a Professor at the BScAC. He has published more than 93 research articles in SCI(E) journals.